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The shoulder well point is located at the midpoint of the connecting line between the acromion point and the acromion point, the highest point of the shoulder. Sitting, lying down or prone position, this point in the human shoulder, anterior straight breast, when the great vertebra and the acromion end of the midpoint, that is, just above the nipple and the shoulder line junction

how to get relief from backache

Attending efficacy

The main diseases of jianjing acupoint are: shoulder ache, head ache, top-heavy, eye fatigue, tinnitus, hypertension, stiff neck, etc.

When you suffer from neck tension and stiffness and pain in the shoulder, neck and arm, at this time, pressure, moxibustion and acupuncture at the shoulder well point can relieve the tension and stiffness of the whole body, and help to restore the natural relaxation state.

how to get relief from backache

Operation method

1. Massage: press the index finger of the left hand on the middle finger when rubbing jianjing point, press the right jianjing point for five minutes, and then press the left jianjing point with the right hand for five minutes. The strength should be even, and it is better to have local acid swelling at the points. Once a day, morning and evening.

how to get relief from backache

2,Mild moxibustion: burn one end of the moxibustion stick, aim at the acupuncture point or the affected part, about 1.5-3 cm away from the skin, and smoke or bake. It is advisable to smoke and bake until the local skin feels warm without burning pain. Generally, the moxibustion lasts for 5-7 minutes at each place until the skin is flushed. Moxibustion on jianjing point also has obvious effect on vomiting and hiccup caused by dysphagia. (note: do not operate by non-professionals to prevent scalding)

how to get relief from backache

It is suggested that patients with long-term shoulder and neck pain can go to zhenan county red meeting hospital as early as possible to seek professional doctors for massage and acupuncture treatment, early treatment can reduce the progress of chronic strain of shoulder and neck.

Note: non-professional physicians are not allowed to use acupuncture therapy without authorization, because there is a lung tip under jianjing point to prevent pneumothorax.

Address: outpatient department of traditional Chinese medicine (1st floor traditional Chinese medicine hall) and inpatient department (9th floor) of zhenan Red Cross charity hospital.

how to get relief from backache

how to get relief from backache

Contributions: TCM physiotherapy department

Why is pregnancy always backache backache? What can be done to relieve these symptoms? – AllPainHealing | back pain/backache/back pain and

1, pregnancy uterus will continue to increase with the growth and development of the fetus, in the whole long pregnancy, if pregnant mother is too tired, or too much bed rest, will cause back pain oh.

how to get relief from backache

2. Dress matters. Many pregnant mother, after pregnancy, is still very beautiful, stamped on the high-heeled shoes, can go shopping all day, high-heeled shoes of the bearing surface is small, pregnancy if long time wear high heels, not only to the pregnant mother's body and health have influence, may also for babies in the womb of fetal growth as a threat, even abortion is possible.

how to get relief from backache

3. Standing or sitting for long periods of time. Many women continue to work after they become pregnant until they go on maternity leave. Or part of pregnant mothers since pregnancy, long more reluctant to move. People with these conditions may stand or sit for a long time and maintain a posture for a long time, which may lead to backache and physical discomfort.

how to get relief from backache

1, soon stand, sit, lie for a long time, do not always maintain a posture too long, no matter it is office workers, or the pregnant mother of no work, in pregnancy should be right amount of exercise. Avoid standing or sitting or lying down.

2. Dress comfortably and loosely. It is not easy to conceive a baby, so no matter what reason pregnant mothers have during pregnancy, they want to give priority to the baby in the belly first, and wear fewer or no gauguin shoes, tights, etc.

how to get relief from backache

3, can be through the bath, local hot compress, appropriate massage and other methods, to relax the pain of the muscles, improve blood circulation, to alleviate back pain and a variety of uncomfortable symptoms. Special clew, pregnant early pregnant mother suggests less bubble bath! Because pregnant inchoate foetus still is not stable, constitution is not quite good originally pregnant mother if bubble bath can bring about abortive circumstance to happen very likely!

Do you have back pain or other discomfort during pregnancy? How or how do you relieve it? Feel free to leave a comment below and let's discuss. See here, collect quickly, thumb up, pay attention to a wave! Pay attention to me, and share more knowledge about pregnancy, parenting, postpartum and so on with you every day. Make a little progress together every day.

Back muscle training tips, from back power to back training programs, you need to know – AllPainHealing | bad back

Also, showing back muscles requires very little body fat, especially for someone with 30 percent body fat like me, showing back muscle lines is a good way to show back muscle lines that would be considered untrained.

Therefore, the biggest problem of back training is how to train the upper hand back and how to train the back systematically. As long as the player can use it, it will be much easier.

relief for back pain in

Overhand back training, mainly divided into two aspects, one is back power, the other is back training program, the following to share in detail.

(1) back power action standard

To feel the power of your back, you have to have a standard movement. The basic thing about muscle stimulation is you have to have a standard movement.

The first one is to sink the shoulders, which means to keep the shoulders down. You can't shrug your shoulders when you're training.

relief for back pain in

The second is to use the shoulder strap back, in the back training power, to the shoulder back first, then the elbow back row, must have the shoulder back this process.

relief for back pain in

The 3rd it is bosom is quite tall, do not want round shoulder hump back, want chest muscle to stand out, such back contractions just can be more sufficient, contain chest hump back to practice bad back muscle.

(2) back power training skills

If we can achieve the above standards, but still can not feel the back muscle force, then our back muscle is too thin, then we need to use certain training techniques.

relief for back pain in

The first technique is the back precongestion technique, which involves precongestion with simple movements before performing complex back exercises, and then begins the formal training when the back muscles swell.

For example, pull-up and barbell rowing, we can not feel the back power, but sitting posture rowing and single-arm dumbbell rowing can feel the back power, first practice sitting posture rowing and single-arm dumbbell rowing these two movements, such as back muscle expansion after going to practice pull-up this kind of complex movement, you can understand the back power.

relief for back pain in

The second is the use of moderate weight to do the number of times, this is easy to understand, the more weight is more difficult to control, coupled with the high degree of coordination of the back muscles, it is difficult to feel the isolation of the back.

Therefore, moderate weight and controllable weight are adopted for back training, and multiple times of training at the same time can improve the coordination of back power generation and enhance the feeling of back power generation. Generally, weight training above 12rm is adopted for back training.

relief for back pain in

I said the program, which USES three techniques, precongestion, dual training, and high frequency training, is suitable for most beginners and helps novice players build back muscles faster.

(1) training movement and sequence

Sitting row (group 50rm*1)

relief for back pain in

Pull-up (8 times *3 sets)

relief for back pain in

Bending over rowing (group 15rm*5)

relief for back pain in

High drop down (15rm*5 groups)

relief for back pain in

Single-arm dumbbell rowing (15rm*5)

relief for back pain in

(2) matters needing attention in training

To get better results, try working your back muscles twice a week for two days in a row.

The first day of the above all the training exercises, the second day of training, the pull-up and barbell row these two compound movements removed, only practice the rest of the movement.

This practice is called double training, and it's most effective if you want to get your hands on your back faster and build back muscles faster.

relief for back pain in

So this is the back muscle training tip that I've given you, and if you can apply it completely, it won't take much more than a couple of times, but we'll be able to do it completely.

Relieve neck and shoulder discomfort, do these 6 movements to be the most effective! – AllPainHealing | shoulder pain/back discomfort

This action can improve thoracic vertebra flexibility, improve shoulder and back discomfort, prevent hunchback, prevent and delay shoulder and waist strain.

How to do it: repeat 2 to 4 sets of 6 to 10 times in each group. There will be mild soreness and stretching throughout the exercise. There should be no obvious pain.

2 four nods

Formula: four to the head, exercise neck and shoulders, the movement is very simple, you practice every day.

Relax neck muscles, improve shoulder and neck discomfort, prevent cervical spondylosis.

Practice: nod your head in four directions, moving smoothly and slowly, with slight ache and pulling. Repeat 3 to 5 times for each set.

3 by the wall angel

Formula: back close to the wall, outreach open arms, stick to the wall slowly, slowly return to the original state.

how to get relief from backache

Improve shoulder flexibility and stability, relieve tension in the shoulder and neck.

Practice: back clings to metope, both hands side is flat lift, bend elbow 90 degrees up, palm is advanced, stick arm completely metope.

Meanwhile, stretch your arms up the wall and slowly return to the starting position.

Repeat 2 to 4 sets of 6 to 10 reps.

4 the butterfly spreads its wings

Formula: double elbow is raised flatly want to reach the position, tighten up to inside do not be afraid of tired, spread wings to fly like a butterfly, improve contain bosom and hump.

how to get relief from backache

Improve the stability of the scapula, improve the round-shouldered hump posture, improve the strength of the shoulder joint, and improve the tension of the shoulder and neck.

Practice: can unarmed, also can each hold a bottle of mineral water. Form your arms into a "w" shape and hold for 2 seconds.

Repeat 2 to 4 sets of 10 to 15 reps per set. Do not have any obvious physical pain during the exercise.

5 lucky cat

Formula: arms on one, repeated repeatedly, practice to strengthen the shoulder, shoulder elbow function is not bad.

how to get relief from backache

It is easy to cause shoulder pain when bending over the table for a long time. Practicing this movement more often can improve the stability of the shoulder blade, increase the strength of the rotator cuff, relieve the tension of the shoulder and neck, and shape the shoulder.

How to do it: keep your upper arm parallel to the ground, rotate one arm up and the other down until you reach the maximum position for 2 seconds, then return to the starting position.

Repeat 2 to 4 sets of 10 to 15 reps per set.

6 the gecko crawls

Formula: the body is stable forward pressure, hands help the wall climb, up and down repeatedly, with breathing practice shoulder blades.

how to get relief from backache

Improves core stability, improves coordination, strengthens upper body strength, and relieves shoulder and neck tension.

How to do it: repeat 2 to 4 sets of 6 to 10 times in each group.

Note: the exercise in this group is not suitable for pregnant women, disabled people or those with orthopedics and traumatology who have not recovered yet.

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Massage back to relieve pain, each time you can massage each point for 10 minutes, the specific number of times per day can be determined according to the relief situation, back pain is severe, 3 or 4 times a day, when some relief can be 2 times a day. Massage the xinshu point on the upper back, du yu point, diaphragm point, can help stimulate the lungs, heart, as well as blood, wide and stomach. Massage the lower back ganshu points, danshu points, spleen yu points, can stimulate the liver, gallbladder, spleen, and stomach, moisture.

Stand against the wall to increase the muscle strength of your back to relieve back pain. Stand straight with your back against the wall, with your shoulder blades on both sides of the wall as close as possible.

Relaxing your body and mind to reduce stress and maintain mental health is also associated with avoiding back pain. When people are in a state of anxiety, the body's "fight or flight" response causes muscles to tighten and prepare for action, so people who are stressed and stressed are more likely to experience back pain.

How to alleviate back fatigue effectively? Three moves to say goodbye, back pain! – AllPainHealing | back pain/sore back/lower back

How to alleviate back fatigue effectively?

Recently there are also a lot of partners to me complain about this problem, often the body will appear back fatigue, that is, long-term maintenance of the same posture, do not take long, back will be very obvious, and even appear to contain chest hunchback phenomenon, this is simply too uncomfortable, affect their own posture also threatened health.

To be honest, I wasn't surprised when I heard about it, because it's so common now, in a world of highly developed electronics, that people get sore from holding still.

relief for back pain in

But let's analyze the causes of this phenomenon. Only by solving the source of the problem can we eliminate the problem better.

1. The back is not taken seriously. Different from arms and other parts in life, the waist and back can be trained actively and in front of people's eyes, while the back is not paid enough attention to, which also causes the situation of "asymmetric muscle development".

2: upper body muscle group is not stable enough, the body can not be stable, what talk about back muscle development?

relief for back pain in

This means sore back, easy fatigue, the general reason is: back muscle is not strong enough, back training is not enough attention, upper body stability is not enough.

So what can we do to help further relieve back fatigue?

One: use foam shaft

relief for back pain in

Foam axis is one of my favorite sports equipment, especially after training, when you relax your muscles, the feeling is indescribable if you find yourself with back fatigue.

Lie on a flat surface with the foam axis under your shoulder blades and lift your hips away from the floor. Don't touch the ground with your shoulders.

Two: locust style yoga

The locust pose is a great way to train your back muscles and create a perfect back curve. Prepare a yoga mat with your body flat on the mat.

relief for back pain in

Keep your hands tight and balanced, lift your legs first off the floor and keep them together.When your legs are in position, notice the muscles in your hips and hold for about five seconds.Inhale, stretch your head, neck, chest, and arms backwards and upwards at the same time, then exhale and return to the first flat stomach action.

I have been trying this movement for a long time. The third one is the most difficult. It is easy to raise and lower at the same time.

Ps: lower back soreness is a sign that you're not contracting your hip and leg muscles in time, which is something to watch out for.

3: hip bridge

Hip bridge is an excellent move, so why do you say that?

1. Exercise hip bridge regularly to eliminate most of the back acid swelling and fatigue.

2. Hip bridge can also improve the stability of the upper body and improve the flexibility while exercising the core.

relief for back pain in

Hip bridge also is relatively friendly action, you need to lie on your back only, double feet is flat on the ground, when beginning, coxal stick ground, use coxal force later, raise the body, coxal and ham lift from the ground, maintain this pose 10 seconds or so.

You need to keep your knees, hips, and shoulders in a straight line and feel the force of your hips.

relief for back pain in

A supplement to the above

1. If you're a regular exerciser, try to avoid putting more stress on your back when you're tired.

2. Do some gentle aerobic training, such as swimming, cycling, jogging, etc.

relief for back pain in

3. If back pain is worsening or you have previous back pain, it is not recommended to start training hastily. Consult a physical therapist.

Continuous health knowledge sharing, hope to help you, welcome attention!

Who moved your small waist, how to prevent and cure postpartum waist backache? – AllPainHealing | lower back pain/back pain/backache

how to get relief from backache

Nine out of 10 women complained of back pain, and some even looked forward to sitting again.

In addition to pathology, postpartum low back pain is mostly related to lack of exercise and incorrect baby posture.

Since there is no way to not hold a baby, we must learn to carry heavy objects in the correct posture.

Strengthen nutrition, appropriate calcium supplements


Postpartum mother should pay attention to strengthen nutrition. The baby that depends on mother lactation, the nutrition that growth development needs comes from the milk of the mother, consequently the mother must ensure his milk is sufficient, nutrition is rich, when accordingly diet must pay attention to nutrition is comprehensive, especially protein, adipose, mineral and vitamin content wants rich. Nursing mothers eat more meat, eggs, milk, grains, soup and other foods. Milk, eggs, shells, soy products, big bone soup is a good maternal calcium supplies.

how to get relief from backache

Get plenty of rest and exercise


Postpartum in the first 24 hours, the new mother should rest in bed, and then can be indoors a little activity, in order to promote the discharge of lochia, is conducive to the recovery of the uterus as soon as possible, is also conducive to postpartum defecation unobstructed. As the body's recovery, can be appropriate exercise, postpartum recovery exercises, but to step by step. The entire puerperium should ensure adequate sleep and rest, do not participate in heavy physical labor too early, do not walk or run. Do not wear high heels too soon after delivery, so as not to increase the pressure on the spine, to wear cloth shoes for the best, the sole to soft.

how to get relief from backache

Correct your bad posture and habits


Avoid long time lower head lactation, feeding the baby in the process, can intermittently do head back, neck around the loop action, after feeding, can do waist around the loop action on the bed, stretch stretch limbs, let the body relax. Do not be accustomed to unilateral sleep and breastfeeding at night, in order to reduce muscle, ligament tension and fatigue. When holding your baby, find a comfortable position to sit, lie or stand, hold your baby in front of your chest or let your baby sleep beside you, often exchange positions to relieve fatigue.

how to get relief from backache

Exercise is better than lying flat


Remember to warm up before your workout to strengthen your lower back and relieve back pain.

how to get relief from backache

Do several planks first (for those with 3 or more fingers separating rectus abdominis, be careful)

how to get relief from backache

Let's do some more bridge poses

how to get relief from backache

Finally, relax in the baby position for 1 minute

If lower back pain has occurred and exercise has not eased, go to the hospital for an examination: is it postpartum low back pain due to rectus abdominis separation, is it due to uterine prolapse, is it due to traction, is it pain from other areas radiating to the waist, is it disc herniation, etc.

how to get relief from backache

Besides exercise therapy, the most effective way to deal with low back pain is electrical stimulation. Electrical stimulation can not only quickly relax the back muscles, improve blood circulation, enhance muscle strength, but also restore stability to the spine. When the muscles relax and the pain eases naturally, combined with proper exercise training, the spine can return to normal work and the back pain will disappear.

how to get relief from backache

how to get relief from backache



So many benefits of moxibustion on the back? Do a know ai good moxibustion fu shouren! – AllPainHealing | leg pain/lumbar pain

"All diseases start from cold", cold evil is the culprit of human diseases, and the most important thing to drive out cold is to replenish Yang qi.

"A thin back makes a long life ten years." Want to be healthy, must not ignore "back". To supplement Yang qi, we must keep a good back!

The back is the reflex area of the viscera, and there are two important meridians on the back:Du meridianandFull solar bladder meridiancars only

Located in the middle of the spine is one of the "ren du qi", which is responsible for the whole body Yang qi, the "power plant" of the human body.

The bladder meridian is the largest detoxification channel. There are many yu acupoints on our back. Yu means the passageFei yu, wei yu, PI yu, gan yu, Dan yu, xin yu, shen yuAnd so on, these yu points with their own viscera, this with different factories have their own sewage pipeline and way is a truth.

relief for back pain in

In order to get rid of the waste in the body, the bladder passage must be unimpeded. The benefits of three fu moxibustion back are:

To lose weight

Back, hip, hind legs are bladder through the line of position, like back, hip proud flesh more, more because of bladder impassability.

Often moxibustion on the back bladder meridian,Opens up the meridians, promotes metabolism, and removes the body's clogged garbage, moisture, and other waste products from urine and sweat, your body will feel much more relaxed and will certainly help you lose weight.

Disease prevention

Notes to typhoid feverThink:"The back is the various parts of life and the sun on the back."On the back of the sun, the main body of the table, and the surface of the air connected to the outside, the back of the vessel is the body of Yang qi concentration and operation of the channel.

If the vessel stasis, Yang qi is not good, cervical vertebra, thoracic vertebra and lumbar vertebra are prone to follow the problem, so the whole body will be implicated, common cervical spondylosis, lumbar pain, and even some gynecological problems, male problems are also related to it.

Modern medicine has also confirmed that the back of the human subcutaneous contains a large number of immune cells, through the stimulation of the back can activate these immune cells, to dredging channels and collaterals, harmonizing viscera, cold dispelling the purpose of disease prevention.


Moxibustion on the back can effectively stimulate the meridians, dredge the meridians and make the circulation of the meridians smooth, not only can dispel cold and damp and other evil, but also can alleviate the symptoms of neck, shoulder, waist and leg pain.

Often morpheus is bad, the body is heavy, easy tired person, moxibustion back still can have the effect that alleviates body fatigue, improvement morpheus quality, have very big help to recuperate irascibility to be overfilled, upset insomnia.

Three fu often moxibustion back, the body does not suffer!

At the midline of the back of the human body, the distance from the cervical vertebra to the tailbone, runs the Yang energy of the common senseDu meridianThe ancients called it"The sea of Yang veins" can exert the function of warming body and resisting external evilcars only

Moxibustion on the vessel is also known as vessel moxibustion, moxibustion, known as the "king of moxibustion", isThe moxibustion method that promotes a body's Yang qicars onlyWith the help of the governor vein Yang qi role, stimulate the body's own Yang qi, and this kind of warm, through the complex and orderly meridian system layer by layer to the whole body, restore the human body self-healing force.

Du vein combined with bladder moxibustion is more effective!

The distribution of the bladder meridian viscera back yu points. These back yu points are the places where the essence of wuzangliufu is injected into the body surface, and also the key points to regulate wuzangliufu organs and stimulate the healthy qi of the human body.

Moxibustion du vein and each back yu points, such asFei yu point, xin yu point, gan yu point, Dan yu point, PI yu point, wei yu point, shenshu point, etc.Can regulate the namesake viscera and viscera diseaseAnd through the interaction between them, the overall adjustment effect can be played.

In addition, the acupoint gao huang on the bladder meridian is the key point to regulate various kinds of deficiency and chronic diseases. When the long illness does not heal and the body presents a weak and emaciated state, it is best to use gao huang for moxibustion.It can play the role of strengthening Yang and regulating the whole body qi and bloodcars only

Location of lung shu acupoint:

Location of xinyu acupoint:

relief for back pain in

Location of ganshu acupoint:

relief for back pain in

Danyu acupoint location:

Location of PI yu:

Location of stomach shu acupoint:

relief for back pain in

Shenshu point location:

relief for back pain in

Pay attention to: moxibustion is not suitable for people with severe hypertension, heart disease, diabetes, or high fever or mental illness. In addition, after moxibustion, if you feel thirsty or have the symptoms of fire, you can add moxibustion taixi, yongquan and other Yin points, to play the role of fire down, before moxibustion after drinking more warm water.

Three fu moxibustion back best with clearing damp soup, clearing damp at the same time also helps to nourish Yin, here introduces a dendrobium bamboo sun water duck soup, the general population can try. Pay attention to people with high uric acid and spleen and stomach cold, poor stool should not eat too much.

Material:Dendrobium dendrobium 10g (fresh double), dictyophora dendrobium 25g, water duck 1/4, ginger amount (3-4 persons)cars only

Cooking method: wash the water duck, cut it into pieces, blanch the water to remove blood stains, clean the dendrobium and dendrobium, slice the ginger, put 2 liters of water in the pot, put the water duck, dendrobium, dendrobium and ginger together into the pot, boil the water in the wok, then change to simmer for 1 hour, and taste and eat.

relief for back pain in

Dendrobium dendrobium can relieve the discomfort of dry mouth, thirst, food and retching. Bamboo sun can replenish qi and nourish Yin, clear heat and moisten moisture. Water duck is good for nourishing Yin and benefiting stomach. The combination of dendrobium dendrosum, dendrobium dendrosum and dendrobium dendrobium has the effect of clearing heat clearing damp and reducing swelling.

Reference source: China jiangxi net, fenghuang net henan comprehensive

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Kidney pain is it? Back pain? How do you tell – AllPainHealing | sciatica/back pain/sciatic nerve

Kidney pain may occur in the back, groin or thigh

Renal pain may occur below the ribs on either side of the spine. Although the pain comes from deep inside the body, it still feels painful.

Whether pain occurs on one or both sides depends on whether the disease affects one or both kidneys.

Kidney pain can radiate to other areas, such as:

Side of the body

The abdomen

In the groin

The thigh

Type and severity of pain

Smaller kidney stones can often pass through the urinary system without causing severe pain. However, larger kidney stones can cause acute pain. When kidney stones move from the kidney to the ureter, the pain is usually worse. The ureter is a small tube that connects the kidney to the bladder and forms part of the urinary system.

Kidney infection can cause stable pain or soreness.

03 concomitant symptoms

Diseases that affect the kidneys may cause other symptoms, such as:

Cloudy or hematuria

The urine pain




Constipation or diarrhea




Signs of severe kidney damage or problems may include:

Bad breath

Metallic taste

Shortness of breath

Swollen legs, ankles, or feet



Muscle cramps

The cause of kidney pain

Symptoms of renal pain include:

Urinary tract infection (utis)

Kidney stones

Kidney infections

Kidney blood clots

Kidney trauma or injury

Back pain

Back pain is very common. Most of the back pain is back pain. Problems affecting muscles, bones or nerves in the back can cause back pain. The location, severity, and accompanying symptoms of back pain depend on the cause.

01 pain position

Back pain can occur anywhere in the back. However, most people suffer from back pain in the lower back.

Muscle pain is a feeling of dull pain or soreness. Certain physical activities can trigger or exacerbate muscle pain, which can range from mild to severe, and can fluctuate as a result of stretching.

People with nerve pain experience burning or tingling pain that spreads to other parts of the body.

Sciatica is a nerve pain that affects the back. Sciatica occurs when the sciatic nerve is compressed or compressed, causing a burning pain that can radiate into the buttocks.

Bone pain can result from a fractured vertebra or irregular shape of the spine. This type of pain can occur suddenly. Bone pain ranges from moderate to severe and is usually aggravated with exercise.

Other possible symptoms of back pain include:

Pain or stiffness in the spine

A sharp, tingling pain in the neck

Difficulty standing up straight because of pain or muscle spasms

Trouble walking

Numbness or tingling in the back, radiating to the extremities

One or both legs are weak

The bladder cannot be emptied

Urinary incontinence

Diarrhea or constipation

The cause of back pain

A person may have back pain due to poor posture

A pulled muscle or ligament in the back is a common cause of back pain. People can strain their backs by overstretching, carrying too much weight or using the wrong way to lift weight.

Other causes of back pain include:

Poor posture

Sit or stand for long periods of time

Muscle tension

A back injury, such as a fracture or fall

Disc damage, slippage, or rupture

Abnormal curvature of the spine

The tumor

Diseases that can cause back pain include:

Inflammatory diseases such as arthritis and spondylitis


Herpes zoster

Spinal tumor


Cauda equina syndrome affects the nerves at the base of the spinal cord

Abdominal aortic aneurysm


When do you go to see the doctor

Mild back pain is usually treated with home rest, heat therapy and over-the-counter pain killers. However, if pain is caused by trauma, see a doctor.

It is important for people with kidney stones or signs of kidney infection to see a doctor.

You should also seek medical advice if you experience any of the following symptoms:

Persistent or severe pain, no improvement after rest

Back pain is getting worse with time

Pain, numbness, or tingling radiating downward in the leg or arm

Difficulty walking or standing

Unexplained weight loss

Bladder or bowel problems crop up


The kidneys sit below the ribs on either side of the spine and lean against the muscles in the back, which means it is sometimes difficult to tell whether it's back pain or kidney pain.

Renal pain may occur on one or both sides of the lower back ribs. Causes of renal pain include urinary tract infection, kidney stones, and blunt instrument injury to the kidney.

Back pain affects the entire back, but most back pain occurs in the lower back. People may have back pain from lifting heavy objects, poor posture, sitting or standing for long periods of time. Some diseases, such as arthritis, osteoporosis and infections, can also cause back pain.

Recognizing the difference between kidney pain and back pain can lead to early diagnosis and better treatment.

Don't tell me you're still suffering from back pain? Teach you 3 ways to say goodbye to backache easily – AllPainHealing | back pain/backache/lumbar pain

The sudden occurrence of numbness and pain in the waist, lumbar deformation and swelling and other phenomena, often seriously affect our life. We know that men are the backbone of this family and scientific research is the backbone of this country. So what's the backbone of this guy? Zhao ge, who is less than 40 years old, is a taxi driver, and his family members are waiting for him to have dinner. For several months, he suffered from backache without rest. In order to live, he was diagnosed with lumbar spine disease in the hospital this morning.

You need a spine in a family, you need a spine in a country, you need a spine in a country, you need a spine in a family, you need a spine in a country, you need a spine in a country. The lumbar spine is far more important to the human body than any other SPAR, and when you have a problem with the SPAR, the whole body collapses. So why does the lumbar spine have a problem?

1. Catch a cold. This is the common cause of most lumbar spine patients. The waist is a vulnerable part of the body. If the temperature of the waist is inappropriate, the blood vessels in the waist will contract and the blood supply will be reduced, which will easily lead to the occurrence of pain.

2, too much weight. Lumbar is the most important position for human body to bear gravity, but its stress is not unlimited, once a long time too heavy, or suddenly a lot of pressure, so it is easy to let lumbar injury leading to lumbar disease, easy to let lumbar degeneration.

3. Bad posture. Whether it is work or rest and entertainment, as long as a period of time to adhere to a posture, more if the posture is not correct, our spine will be very damaged, causing pain is inevitable.

It is not that patients never know the pain of patients, so how can we always pay attention to whether we have such a disease? You can pay more attention to your own physical condition, compare the following.

1. Lumbar pain. After working or resting for a period of time, you may feel numbness in your lumbar spine, or you may feel very stiff, severe numbness and inability to move.

2, waist movement is not smooth. Once the waist problem, affected by a lot of the games, twisting around the waist, for ill lumbar, whether pain or mechanical block, there is no way to make patients is very common, ordinary people feel very relaxed, but in patients will be here, they will always pain.

3. Lumbar deformation. Deformed vertebrae are a hallmark of spondylosis because when pain extends to the spine, the joint cavities fill with fluid, which is what causes the lumbar spine to become deformed.

No one is willing to incur such a disease, but sometimes it is helpless, so if the unfortunate, what should we do? Below everybody references.

1. Women try not to wear high heels

Ladies for wearing high heels when hard should be very clear, if the disease for so long do not torture yourself, wear more flat shoes, so for the disease is also a certain benefit.

2. Self-massage

Touch the fifth to sixth sections of your spine with your hands and gently rub the muscles to help with joint pain by relaxing them.

3, jogging

You can wiggle your waist slightly while jogging, which can also be therapeutic for recovery.

Each disease is difficult to overcome by its own ability, which requires nursing care, what should be paid attention to when nursing?

1. Keep warm. It's important to keep patients warm. Warmth can increase blood flow to the patient and have a positive effect on remission.

2. Reduce the burden of patients. This time do not let the patient work, the waist can not force, and then the patient's condition is unbearable after the force.

3. Diet improvement. Light and rich in vitamins to promote digestion and resistance to improve the role of inflammation of the diseased lumbar spine is helpful.

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