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(original title: doctor, is my back pain due to anesthesia?)

In nanjing maternal and child health care hospital anesthesia clinic, doctors often meet pregnant women and family members asked: "playing anesthesia will not leave back pain sequela?" , usually there will be postoperative patients to ask: "I gave birth to a child after a little back pain, is it painless childbirth caused?" Correspondent shi yue yangzi evening news/Yang eye reporter CAI yunqi

Is postpartum lumbago painless childbirth causes?

The puerpera during childbirth will because contractions, the cervix dilates and produces the pain, through the adoption medical treatment technique or the method, will deliver the intense pain obvious improvement or reduces calls the labor pain relief or the painless childbirth. Since the puncture site of painless delivery is in the waist, people may wonder whether the pain is caused by painless delivery. In general, after the removal of the epidural catheter, some patients will experience some local dull pain at the puncture site, which is similar to the pain after intravenous injection and will disappear quickly as the tissue is repaired. And postpartum lasts a few months, even a few years of backache, often have nothing to do with painless childbirth.

According to the worldwide survey results on the causes of postpartum low back pain collected by British scholars in 2012, there is no correlation between postpartum low back pain and painless delivery.

Because what is postpartum lumbago after all?

Now it is believed that postpartum backache mainly has the following reasons:

1. The gradually increased uterus during pregnancy gradually increases the support force of the waist of pregnant women, which is equivalent to a continuous forward leaning force used for pregnant women. The muscle group of the waist and back is in a tense state for a long time.

2, when giving birth to a child, the mother usually in a special position to deliver the baby, the abdominal pressure increases and aggravates the waist burden, the sharp increase of abdominal pressure makes the abdominal and waist muscles overstretch, causing muscle injury and other prone to induce or aggravate the occurrence of waist pain.

3, puerpera bottom blood vessel, nerve distribution is very rich, together with postpartum pelvic floor blood vessel congestion, muscle edema, the fetus in the delivery of the process of easy compression of nerve vessels lead to injury or aggravate neuromuscular edema, and then cause postpartum back pain.

4, the mother in the postpartum need to often bend to take care of the baby, such as bathing, changing diapers, holding the baby, some maternal lochia discharge not free caused pelvic blood stasis, some postpartum activities are very little, always lie or sit on the bed to rest. Add up to weight to increase, abdomen proud flesh increase in quantity, increased the load of lumbar muscle, cause lumbar muscle strain and produce lumbago. Postpartum do not pay attention to rest to make the body too tired, or often stand for a long time, squat for a long time, sit for a long time or the waist is too tight, can aggravate lumbar muscle strain, induce lumbago. Take improper or do not relax the posture to the baby feeding, so that the waist muscle is always in a tense state, also can lead to waist muscle damage, and then induce the production of lumbago.

In addition, pregnant women are very prone to calcium deficiency, careless living, lumbar disc herniation and other physiological changes, body position changes, during the birth of a child, the puerperal related problems can cause back pain.

What can I do with postpartum lumbago?

According to the above causes of backache, there are some specific preventive measures that expectant mothers or women can take:

1, pay attention to prenatal prevention: reasonable diet, avoid too fat and increase the burden of the waist, causing lumbar muscle and ligament damage. And the large fetus will cause a lot of difficulties and even complications to the mother's delivery. Weight control has also become an important part of preventing birth injury.

2. Pay attention to postnatal and postnatal body position: keep adequate sleep after delivery, change bed posture frequently, avoid bending, standing for a long time, avoid too much exertion, do not run, walk long distance, do not bear weight too early for a long time.

3, perinatal appropriate calcium supplement: drink more milk, eat more sesame seeds and other calcium-rich food, more sun, promote the absorption of calcium. While preventing back pain, it also provides enough calcium for the fetus and baby.

4. If you suffer from back pain, you should go to the hospital in time for treatment due to appropriate waist massage and physiotherapy, which cannot be alleviated.

5. If the above treatment still fails to relieve the pain, it is suggested to go to the pain department of a regular hospital.

From this we can see that postpartum lumbago is not caused by painless delivery, so it is unnecessary to worry about postpartum lumbago when choosing painless delivery.

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