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After giving birth to a child back pain, is a lot of female friends will encounter. Many people's first reaction is, could it be painless childbirth? In the read xiaobian yesterday's post "after giving birth to a child back pain, is it caused by painless childbirth?" Later, I know that painless delivery is not easy, but I also think that I may gain weight too fast during pregnancy, get hurt during delivery, or take care of the baby after delivery is too tired. But today, small make up to remind everyone to pay attention to, if bao ma postpartum back pain, be sure to measure their own height, if the back pain accompanied by height becomes shorter, then be sure to go to the hospital! Otherwise, it could lead to broken bones or even more serious injuries, as Ms. Zhou does below.

Ms zhou, 38, gave birth to two babies after the universal two-child policy, which was originally a happy event. But Ms. Zhou is pleased with the worry, she gave birth to two treasure after the old feeling of backache, all day feel uncomfortable. Because have to take care of very busy, she has been trying to endure, but behind can not help it, can only go to the hospital. The result surprised her! Ms zhou's lumbar Mr And x – ray examination results showed that ms zhou had multiple thoracolumbar compression fractures. Further examination suggested that Ms. Zhou had severe osteoporosis.

How on earth did Ms. Zhou get osteoporosis after giving birth to a child? Experts tell us that Ms. Zhou's osteoporosis is a common symptom that can occur in both pregnant and lactating women. More terrible is, a lot of people think to be lumbago only at the beginning, often do not take seriously, the result brings about to drag more more serious, appear to walk even vertebra of vertebra of difficult, waist and chest more fracture, figure becomes short.

severe lower back pain treatment home

How to do? If the symptoms of lower back pain have been present for a long time, it is recommended that the hospital take an X-ray. If osteoporosis is diagnosed, stop breast-feeding, avoid weight bearing, and take calcium and vitamin d supplements prescribed by your doctor. If the occurrence of fracture phenomenon, should be the first to orthopedic treatment of fracture and then to the endocrine metabolism department for standard treatment.

But prevention is clearly more important than treatment. After all, when treatment is needed, it means that the damage has already been done and bao ma's body has been damaged. And nip in the bud, in order to make bao ma more relaxed and healthy. The best way to prevent it is to take calcium and vitamin d.

Pregnant mom begins from pregnant metaphase, be about to begin filling calcium. Because our baby is very smart, when the mother's daily diet of calcium content can not meet his requirements, he from the pregnant mother's body "grab", pregnant mother will appear pelvic pain, calf cramps and other uncomfortable symptoms. Because every pregnant mother's eating habits are different, so pregnant mother can refer to the following standards to their calcium supplements:

· early pregnancy: mainly take dietary calcium supplements, which should be controlled at 300-600mg.

· middle and late pregnancy: the amount of calcium should be increased to 400-800mg.

Diet, pregnant mother in addition to eat some shrimp skin, beancurd, soy bean and other foods rich in calcium elements, daily intake of 500mg of milk or yogurt, or really drink milk appetite can eat 500mg of calcium tablets. In the meantime, athletic respect, had better ensure oneself bask more, sunbathe of general summer pregnant woman is half an hour probably. In winter, it's best to take no less than an hour to get some vitamin d to help and promote calcium absorption.

Hope my sharing is helpful to you! I hope every treasure mother is healthy!

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