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Although the mother that just gave birth to a baby is relaxed on weight come down, but unloaded suddenly, also can produce a few unwell symptoms, this time needs a mother to be in period of the month child to take good care of his body, let the body restore former state. Here again, just give birth to a child treasure mother will appear back pain symptoms, this kind of pain, often make treasure mother pain. So what causes this pain? How should treasure mother moon child period do ability alleviate this kind of anguish?

Pregnant mother is inferior to look down, explore the reason together.

Reason one: mother during pregnancy, pregnancy is often quite a big belly, such a pregnant mother's spine is changed, lumbar spine due to the belly of lordosis also can appear forward state, but close to the neck vertebra backward situation will happen, plus the pregnant mother's belly, pregnant mother changes have taken place in the center of gravity, postpartum pregnant mother can't adjust their body, waist sour backache phenomenon occurs.

Reason 2: pregnant mother is pregnant when, because the body appearance produced change, stand a big belly, so pregnant mother ligament has to bear huge pressure, once discharge, because ligament is in nervous state for a long time, time is difficult to restore, so pregnant mother often feel backache.

Reason 3: postpartum some pregnant mom does not pay attention to rest, often sleep posture is incorrect, when perhaps feeding the baby, bow the body, cause the load of pregnant mom's body to increase, so pregnant mom does not feel backache just strange.

Reason 4: postpartum mothers are particularly prone to calcium deficiency. As we all know, calcium is essential for bones.

But, pregnant mothers must not worry too much about these uncomfortable feelings of their own body, as long as the period of a good attention to rest, pay more attention to, lumbar acid symptoms will appear to improve.

Pregnant mom is in postpartum must add rest more, gave birth to the mother of the child to be close friends to treat oneself certainly, eat the thing of a few filling qi blood more postpartum, might as well give oneself at the same time fill fill calcium, appropriate word can come out bask in the sun. Such tonic food is conducive to the improvement of backache symptoms and the recovery of bao ma's body.

Secondly, treasure mother must pay attention to rest, postpartum treasure mother if the physical discomfort, not as let their family to help themselves, reduce the range of physical activity, so as to avoid the aggravation of backache.

Finally, bao ma can do some massages for herself, putting her hands on the painful places and gentle and uncomfortable places every night, which will help bao ma recover her backache.

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