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Office workers spend eight or nine hours a day in the office, most of the time sitting in a chair. After a long time, they will find that their back always hurts, but they don't have any diseases, and often have to think hard. And back pain can affect productivity and mood. Most back pain comes from sitting down. Poor posture is a major cause of back pain.

Check out 6 ways to beat back pain.

1. Sit properly at all times

Paying attention to your posture in life is one of the easiest ways to ease back pain. The spine is at its healthiest when it is naturally upright, so no matter where you are or what you are doing, it is important to maintain a correct posture. Poor posture can cause problems. Besides sitting in front of computer everyday, droophead hangs the shoulder to sit on the chair also is very incorrect behavior, can make spinal column deviates from normal position, press too much pressure on the muscle of back, such back is impossibly indolent, ache for a long time go down to still can cause other disease. So be sure to sit in a good posture at all times.

2. Have cushions at the back

Many people feel that their back is painful, but in fact, don't pay attention to their back health care. If find it so hard to maintain good posture, such as always unknowingly went back to hurt the body posture, then back a support to us, is one way to help maintain good posture when we sat down and put a pillow or small cushion for leaning on on the back bottom of counterfort parts, in order to lessen the pressure of muscles, especially when we are on the sofa watching TV or often distance when driving, be sure to find a waist pillow on the back, and often transform our the inclination of the back of a chair.

3. Get up and move often

Don't just hold a movement, you have to pay attention to some reasonable exercise in life. People who often sit at the office for a whole day, even eating while staring at the computer, have to stand up for at least an hour to do activities such as going to the water cooler to get water, going to the bathroom to wash their hands and so on. If you can't leave the office, the frequently used items such as a folder on must stand up and take two steps to get a position, or consciously stood up and went out to answer the phone, and so on, had better not call take-out lunch with colleagues or friends go out to eat, so after dinner can walk back a breath of air from the outside, so also bear big pressure for us the small of the back have very good soothing effect.

4. Stand up and stretch your back

Appropriate activities are also an effective way to relieve pain, you should pay attention to the reasonable arrangement of their work. To often lie prone to the person of desk overwork, often extend back can effectively prevent or reduce back pain, insist on every 15 to 30 minutes to stand up straight body when working, put both hands on the back waist and lean back, the action when stretching must be slow and steady; Perhaps rise to do the extend action of broadcast gymnastics, or stand straight on double leg both hands press to put on the foot, also can extend back, relieve pressure to our back, can effective prevention and cure.

5. Exercise before bed

It is also important to have a rest at night. You should pay attention to your healthy life, especially to take proper exercise. When we lie down to sleep in a pillows under her knees, to ensure the same level of the neck and spine, if it is a lie, is to keep your knees bent, but no matter how to have to use the thickness of lower pillow, the neck of people because high pillow will force up to form a certain Angle, which makes our spine bending, this not only for our back pain have any help effect, also can damage our cervical vertebra and spinal cord.

6. Lift items appropriately

Lifting things is also an effective way to exercise. You should pay attention to your healthy lifestyle in your life. Gone downstairs to get a Courier, out appropriate when I come back to buy a bag of small food, when we mention things make items as far as possible with our body contact, don't straight arm more don't bent down to pick something, should try to keep your back upright, pick up then squatted down on bend the knees, hands the goods do not overweight, if something is overweight can significantly increase the burden of the back, cause back pain, advice often use backpack, weight will be distributed evenly in the back.

Are you still worried about your back pain? Hopefully the above back pain relief will help you get out of the pain as soon as possible. In addition, you have to be happy at work, appropriate rest, reasonable exercise, is also to help you alleviate the effect. Finally, small make up wish you good health, away from the occurrence of occupational disease oh.

People who work in an office should know how to adjust properly. When sitting for a long time, you can stand up and walk and twist your waist properly, which is beneficial to relieve the body caused by sitting for a long time, so that you can put more energy into the following work. Not only will this prevent back pain and other office ailments, it will also make work more productive.

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