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Although I majored in clinical medicine in college, I had only a partial understanding of the disease. After a week or so of bed rest and oral medication, the pain basically disappeared.

I thought I was cured, but later I found that it was just the beginning. Later I found that I could not take a bus for a long time, carry heavy things, be tired or sit for a long time, otherwise I would suffer pain. About a year later, gradually began to numb leg, thigh and calf began to pain. A little careless attack, sometimes night pain difficult to sleep. Try all kinds of treatments, all of which are temporary relief.

Because of the reason of the body, can't run around again, returned to zhengzhou in 2005, by the teacher's introduction, entered the province pharmaceutical industry association work, mainly responsible for the province more than 100 pharmaceutical enterprises contact statistics and other work. In the later period of time, the work was relatively easy, but suffered a lot from pain, so I made up my mind to learn about lumbar protrusion and cure my lumbar protrusion. Since then, in my spare time, I have relearned relevant orthopedic literature and books, visited orthopedic experts, and learned about various aspects of lumbar disc herniation.

Finally, I found the right way. Now I have not suffered from lumbar disc herniation for more than three years, and there is no recurrence of fatigue or sitting for too long. Today I will give you a detailed talk about the pathogenesis of lumbar disc herniation, common treatment errors, and scientific treatment methods, hope to help the vast number of lumbar friends.

First let's review the physical structure of the disc:

As shown in the figure below, the disc is a cushion composed of the nucleus pulposus wrapped by the annulus fibrosus in the middle of the two lumbar vertebrae. It plays an important physiological role in connecting the upper and lower vertebrae, cushioning pressure, maintaining the physiological curvature of the spine, and maintaining the height of the spine.

Two basic causes of disc herniation:

(1) lumbar disc degeneration:

Fiber ring around the nucleus pulposus, nucleus pulposus is moisture content 80% the left and right sides of semi-liquid state, with factors such as the growth of the age, the nucleus pulposus water content decreased, may cause disc degenerative diseases, intervertebral disc of water loss will cause vertebral instability, loose, causing compression of intervertebral disc, in addition, the fiber ring degeneration causes of its lower tenacity, bulging caused even tear.

Career factors:

Professional and lumbar (off) the close relationship between, for example, needs to work sitting for a long time, such as office workers or workshop workers, drivers, has been in a sitting position and turbulence state, so that when work, the pressure in the intervertebral disc is 2 to 3 times, while standing work strength porters, work the pressure on the intervertebral disc can be increased to more than 30 kpa/cm2, the pressure can cause serious damage to intervertebral disc.

Six major causes of disc herniation:

On the basis of disc degeneration, something that can induce a sudden increase in intervertebral space pressure causes the nucleus pulposus to pass through the annulus fibrosus into the front of the spinal canal, leading to increased herniation and symptom onset. These factors are mainly as follows:

(1) increased abdominal pressure:

In clinical practice, about one third of cases had definite factors that increased abdominal pressure before onset, such as severe cough, sneeze, breath-holding and forced defecation, which could increase abdominal pressure and disrupt the balance between vertebral segments and spinal canal.

(2) improper waist posture:

Whether sleep or in daily life, work, when the waist in flexion, such as to suddenly try to rotate, easy to induce nucleus pulposus protrusion.

(3) sudden weight bearing:

Make lumbar load increase suddenly, cause lumbar sprain possibly not only, also cause nucleus pulposus to protrude easily.

(4) :

The whole ligament system is in a state of relaxation during pregnancy.

(5) lumbar trauma caused degenerated nucleus pulposus to protrusion;

(6) cold and wet;

Cold or moisture can cause small blood vessel contraction, muscle spasm, increase pressure on the disc, may also cause degenerative disc herniation.

Therefore, patients with disc herniation, must pay attention to the above factors.

Four categories of lumbar disc herniation:

As shown in the figure above, surgery is usually necessary only for the dissociation type, and most of the swelling and protrusion can be treated conservatively to eliminate the symptoms. Even with dissociation, only about 20% of patients require surgery.

The most common misconceptions about lumbar disc herniation

Myth 1, pain numbness is caused by lumbar disc herniation compression of the nerve

Mistake 1. Many people think pain is caused by nerve compression, but it's not true.

Most of the pain and numbness is caused by aseptic inflammation and edema following compression. If the edema and inflammation go away, the pain will go away, despite the pressure. Many people still have pain after minimally invasive surgery because the sterile inflammation in the lesion has not been eliminated, or because the minimally invasive surgery has increased the presence of sterile inflammation.

Mistake 2. Someone says a herniated disc can be repositioned.

A herniated disc is impossible to reposition through massage or even surgery. This is the consensus of the medical community, do not believe the exaggerated propaganda of the charlatans. Once a disc annulus ruptures, it is unable to heal because there is no blood circulation in the annulus and no ability to heal itself.

3. Surgery can be used to root out a herniated disc

Currently, the commonly used methods include conventional open surgery, minimally invasive diskoscopy, and percutaneous aspiration. These methods have advantages and disadvantages, but they all have a high probability of failure and recurrence rate. According to statistics, more than 30% of postoperative symptoms will not ease. Recurrence rates are also very high. Because when a disc is removed, the pressure on the disc is distributed to the adjacent disc, greatly increasing the likelihood that other discs will herniate.

Mistake 4. Lumbar process can be completely cured.

This is also unrealistic. In clinical practice, drug symptoms disappear, can be considered as a cure. Whether or not it will recur depends largely on lifestyle. We've talked a little bit about that, but it also suggests that there's no cure for lumbar processes.

We read these four wrong understanding, in the future treatment will have a choice, do not have to do useless work. Our goal should be to eliminate symptoms and minimize the chance of recurrence, not to pursue a complete cure. What we're talking about today is how to eliminate symptoms, how to minimize recurrence.

Three keys to addressing herniated disc symptoms:

Key points 1. Eliminate aseptic inflammation and edema

As long as the inflammation and edema of the lesion are eliminated, 98% of patients can completely eliminate the symptoms. If the inflammation is eliminated completely, it is not easy to relapse.

Point 2, strengthen the toughness and strength of waist muscle

Between the waist dish outstanding patients mostly the waist muscle and ligament relaxation, is the traditional Chinese medicine "reinforced bone", want to maximize reduce the incidence of lumbar tu recurrence of symptoms, to increase the strength of the muscle ligament, increase the intensity of muscle, ligament of the lumbar spine, thereby increasing the stability of lumbar spine, reduce dislocation, maximum to prevent recurrence.

Point 3, increase the nutrient supply of the disc, increase the water content of the nucleus pulposus

Since the root cause of this disease is the loss of water in the nucleus pulposus, it is important to increase the nutrient supply and water content of the disc. This can control the degeneration of the disc and annulus fibrosus, increase the elasticity of the lumbar disc, control the progress of the herniation, and reduce the risk of recurrence.

If there is a method that can do the above three points, it can fundamentally and effectively solve lumbar disc herniation. I have encountered such a method after nearly a decade of lumbar disc herniation.

Get acquainted with li xianjie, inheritor of provincial intangible cultural heritage project

Provincial pharmaceutical industry association has many member enterprises. At a meeting a few years ago, I got to know Mr. Li xianjie, a person in charge of a pharmaceutical enterprise. During the conversation, I was informed that I was suffering from lumbar disc herniation, and then I was presented with two boxes of plasters. I've used a lot of plasters before and I've lost faith in them. But see is so many honor once, still stick to try.

I insisted on putting up the cold xiao tai pain-relieving paste for a week, without any reaction, unlike other plasters that would send cold or heat, so I called li xianjie to give feedback on the problem, and he suggested me to continue to put up the paste. When sticking to stick to apply for a month, the waist has not felt for many years, all symptoms have disappeared. I am a student of western medicine, never despise Chinese medicine, I always think Chinese medicine is pseudoscience, think plaster is only to alleviate symptoms. However, I have been using it for several months without any symptoms, which makes me very interested in Mr. Li xianjie's negative xiao tai painkillers. (it has been more than three years since I used "cold xiao tai" to eliminate the symptoms of lumbar protrusion. I have never had a recurrence of long periods of driving, lifting heavy objects, strenuous exercise or sitting for a long time.)

In December 2015, Mr. Li xianjie organized the establishment of the first national plaster association — zhengzhou plaster association, which is approved by the civil administration, science and technology association in charge of the formal industry association. I had the honor of being asked to be the vice President of the association.

Since it is to participate in the plaster association's work, it is more necessary to understand the plaster industry. In the establishment of the association for more than a year, chairman li led us to work together with the saic standards committee to develop the country's first black plaster industry standards, filling the black plaster no uniform standards blank. By taking part in this work, I gained a deeper understanding of black plasters.

Cold xiao tai pain-relieving was originated from li's prescription for back pain in qing dynasty, which was listed as a provincial intangible cultural heritage protection project in henan in 2015.

The plasters on market now are jumble, a lot of businessmen register a trademark to look for a small factory to stick a brand to come out swagger and cheat, bring about the plasters market of the whole country very disorder. Now 99% of black plaster on the market are made of hot melt adhesive with capsaicin generic black plaster, the gel is soft, is also very thin, like rubber bands, elastic, a lick taste very spicy, stick in the body will be hot hot, this is typical of false plasters, it don't add in any Chinese native medicine ingredient, because he is hot melt adhesive substrate.

This kind of hot melt glue on the market now false plaster occupies the share of 99% above, this kind of plaster cost is low, the cost that stick is controlled in 2 wool to 4 wool money, businessman layer upon layer has sudden profits, and common people cent is not clear true false. And li shi plaster cold xiao tai is made with pure Chinese medicine, the cost is more than 30 times of hot melt adhesive plaster. Mr. Li xianjie organization to establish plaster association is also to standardize plaster industry, increase self-discipline, let do plaster manufacturers more conscience and ingenuity.

Cold xiao tai pain-relieving paste is the real traditional black plaster, is the use of more than 200 years of heritage of the prescription, with sesame oil and pure Chinese medicine boil, with hair and pig skin as adhesive, no elasticity, do not add capsaicin, so there is no spicy, paste will not be hot.

The ingredients of panax notoginseng, rhizoma chuanxiong and angelica can promote blood circulation and remove blood stasis, dredge channels and collaterals, promote blood circulation and nutrition supply of the focus, and eliminate edema and inflammation of the focus. Kusnezoff monkshood, nux vomica, the composition such as live alone can acetanilide detumescence, Chinese prickly ash can remove lesions of moisture, borneol can promote the penetration of drugs, the formula is very complex (revealed only partially ingredients), craft is exquisite, the whole process of stewing need a week or so, like this in real comfort stewing plasters enterprises in henan province is a handful, a model of originality of conscience.

After a period of study, found that cold Xiao Thai XiaoTongTie can eliminate aseptic inflammation and edema caused by disc herniation, enhance toughness and strength of the waist muscle, increase the nutrition of intervertebral disc, increase water content of nucleus pulposus, thus effectively relieve symptoms caused by herniated intervertebral disc, the maximum at the same time reduce the rate of recurrence, is severely, such products in the domestic is also a handful, is the Gospel of patients with lumbar disc. And this is the most important part of the three points I mentioned above to address the symptoms of disc herniation!

From July, 2016 to may, 2017, more than 1,000 cases of patients with chronic medical problems were observed in dozens of domestic medical institutions, and the statistical remission rate reached 95%. The paper will be published in professional journals in the near future.

Mr. Li xianjie told me that due to the complicated technology, it is not possible to produce the "cold xiao tai" stickers made by the ancient method in large quantities in industrial production lines. In order to ensure the quality of the products, the limited supply is still available. Recently opened the channel of e-commerce, but also to the country's waist sudden patients friends a chance to relieve pain.

At the end of last year, interviewed me in a special way. I think good things need to be Shared with everyone. Of course, enterprises need to sell goods for profit, but it is more meaningful to relieve pain for the vast number of waist protruders. Hope this article is helpful to broad waist dash forward friend.

How can I buy a good morning tea?

Xiao tai in taobao opened a shop: taobao search for xiao tai xiao can be.

Of course, "read the text", go straight to the "buy it on a cash on delivery basis".

Below is the way to buy on taobao. Enter a cold xiao tai pain relief search, the best according to the sales priority ranking, the largest sales is the official shop of li shi plaster manufacturers, the price and quality can be guaranteed the most.

Reading this, people often ask me, "is this really useful?

In order to solve your concerns, cold xiao tai pain relief paste (cold xiao tai pain relief paste does not contain capsaicin and does not anesthetizing nerves, which is different from pain-relieving paste paste) promises: if you do not feel any effect box improvement after 7-15 days of continuous paste, you can contact customer service, and give you a refund. Of course, it's very rare to receive returned goods, if you don't have the confidence to say so, so we can rest assured to buy.

Recommend everybody to buy buy the combination of a cycle that buys 2 to send 1, you will get 3 boxes, 8 stickers of a box, 24 stickers in all, very advantageous, calculate come down a box just 112 yuan. Family members and friends also have this aspect of trouble can buy 3 get 2 combination, more cost-effective.

Activity limit time, bid farewell to the trouble of lumbar dash forward from today!


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