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Researchers at the university of Sydney in Australia found that playing motion sensing games can effectively relieve physical pain in middle-aged and elderly people.

Motion sensing game consoles rely on high-tech video motion capture technology, people's body movements can be immediately reflected in the game system, through the induction of human movement to promote the game. To see if disintegration-playing could help improve the health of middle-aged and elderly people, the researchers recruited 60 volunteers aged 55 and over and asked them to take part in a comparative experiment. One group of participants played a motion-sensing interactive fitness game with video and audio commands that provided feedback on the players' skills and rated their performance. The other group completed flexibility exercises, strength training and aerobic exercise three times a week for an hour. The analysis showed that those in the somatosensory game showed a 23 percent increase in physical function and a 27 percent decrease, comparable to physical therapy.

Chronic waist disease in middle-aged and elderly people is a global health problem with huge medical costs, researchers say. The findings suggest that family-based somatosensory exercise is a low-cost, high-value treatment that can be implemented on a large scale. In addition, playing somatosensory games may to some extent improve people's compliance with medical instructions, reduce patients' dependence on the supervision of the therapist, and enhance their ability to control pain.

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