neck pain and headache – Chiropractic method of neck

neck pain

Figure 2-2-1 a and b neck – holding and head-shaking method

neck pain

neck pain

Figure 2-2-2 a, b neck rotation head method

Rapid neck rotation

[position]Sit upright with slightly forward craning of the head.

[methods]After the doctor stands up, hold the top of the patient's head with one hand and the lower jaw with the other hand, gently shake the head from left to right for 3 ~ 5 times to relax the neck muscles of the patient, and then force both hands in the opposite direction to make the head rotate rapidly to one side, and the sound of playing is often heard (figure 2-2-3a, b).

neck pain

Figure 2-2-3a rapid neck rotation method

neck pain

FIG. 2-2-3b rapid neck rotation method

Four, side clamping method

[position]The patient sits upright and the doctor stands behind him.

[methods]The doctor pressed the root of the neck with one hand and the other hand pressed the top of the head on the opposite side. Both hands pushed the neck side with relative force, gradually increasing the range of motion of the neck side flexion. When it reached a certain range and felt resistance, the doctor pushed the neck side with a little force, and often heard the sound of playing (figure 2-2-4a, b).

neck pain

Figure 2-2-4a side clamping method

neck pain

Figure 2-2-4b – neck lateral manipulation

Double neck rotation

[position]The patient sits upright, the assistant stands on the healthy side in front, and supports the patient's jaw with one palm, and the other hand touches the patient's posterior occiput, and the doctor stands on the affected side behind, and supports the high and tender spinous process with one thumb, and gently supports the neck on the healthy side with the other four fingers, and holds the assistant's lower jaw hand.

[methods]Hold the position, the assistant hands together hard up, pull the healer hands together in patients with head and neck to the flip side, the patients with head and neck above along the sagittal axial rotation about 30 °, the healer top for spine to the contralateral horizontal pushing force of thumb, the noise can be heard of cervical vertebra, at the same time can feel refers to the displacement of the spine to the contralateral (FIG. 2-2-5 a, b).

neck pain

neck pain

Figure 2-2-5 double neck rotation method for a and b

Fixed point neck rotation method

[position]Patients seated, healers who stand behind, the spines of thumb to resist high up and tender or transverse process, the remaining four fingers gently lifted the contralateral neck, on the other hand to make the patients with head and neck forward bends 35 °, 45 ° to the contralateral partial (or patients can tolerate the maximum), the healer prone before the upper part of the body, in patients with chest compressions in the head, to keep the patients with head and neck forward bends, cornering posture.

[methods]The doctor supported the patient's jaw with the palm, and pulled the patient's head and neck outward and upward to the affected side, making the head and neck rotate 45° along the sagittal axis. At the same time, the doctor pushes the thumb against the spinous process or the transverse process hard to the healthy side. At this time, the sound of cervical spine can be heard, and at the same time, the doctor feels the displacement of the spinous process or the transverse process under the finger to the healthy side (figure 2-2-6a, b).

neck pain

Figure 2-2-6a fixed-point neck rotation method

Figure 2-2-6b fixed-point neck rotation method

Seven, pull neck stretch method

[position]The patient sits upright and the doctor stands behind him. The doctor put one hand on the patient's head and the other hand on the affected hand with 2 ~ 5 fingers.

[methods]The doctor pushed and pressed the patient's head to the uninjured side with one hand, and made the patient bend his elbow and stretch his arm with the other hand, exerting force in the opposite direction (figure 2-2-7a and b).

neck pain

FIG. 2-2-7a neck pulling and stretching method

neck pain

FIG. 2-2-7b neck pulling and stretching method

Eight, pressure shoulder rotation neck method

[methods]The doctor presses the shoulder of the patient and fixes the trunk of the patient. The other elbow supports the lower jaw of the patient, and the hand presses the patient's neck, gently pulling upward, and then slowly rotating to the left or right. The movement should be steady and powerful, and the amplitude gradually increases, and the bouncing sound of cervical vertebra can be heard (figure 2-2-8a and b).

neck pain

Figure 2-2-8a shoulder – rotation neck press

neck pain

FIG. 2-2-8b shoulder-turning neck press

Nine, embrace head kick leg method

[position]The patient sits upright and the physician walks parallel to the back.

[methods]The thumb on one hand supports the high and tender spinous process or transverse process, and the elbow on the other side supports the patient's jaw. Hold the patient's head and stick to the shoulder to fix the patient's head and neck forward bend and sideways posture. In this position, the doctor kick up force, the patient's head and neck to the affected side outside the upper; The doctor pushes the thumb of the top against the spinous process or transverse process to the healthy side, at this time, the bouncing sound of cervical vertebra can be heard (figure 2-2-9a, b).

neck pain

neck pain

Figure 2-2-9a and b kicking with head in hand

Ten, supine drafting method

[position]Client in supine position with head out of bed; The physician steps in front of the patient's head, placing his hands on his cheeks and behind his pillow.

[methods]The doctor first pulls the patient's neck and gently shakes it to relax the neck muscles. Under the maintenance of the traction, both hands gradually force the patient's neck to rotate left and right (figure 2-2-10a and b).

neck pain

neck pain

Figure 2-2-10a and b supine drafting method

Eleven, by the head push shoulder method

[position]Client in supine position with head turned to the uninjured side. The healer rode up to the bed.

[methods]The doctor holds the patient's back pillow with one hand and presses his head with his forearm; Push the affected shoulder with the other hand, and use the opposite force with both hands. You can hear the bouncing sound of cervical vertebra (figure 2-2-11).

neck pain

Figure 2-2-11 pushing shoulder by head

Twelve, fork hand head neck method

[position]Patient supine, head neutral. The healer rode up to the bed.

[methods]The hands of doctor crosses fist, thumb holds up the vertebra after patient neck to go up, double forearm clip patient cheek ministry is pulled up, can rotate to right and left flabby patient ministry muscle, below head neutral position, doctor both hands sends force up, can hear the bouncing sound of cervical vertebra (figure 2-2-12a, b).

neck pain

neck pain

Figure 2-2-12a and b forklift neck

Thirteen, according to the neck head method

[position]Client in supine position with head turned to the uninjured side. The healer lunged before the bed.

[methods]The doctor presses the patient's ipsilateral (or contralateral) high and tender cervical transverse process or articular process with one thumb, and gently supports the patient's submaxillofacial region with the other four fingers; With the other hand, support the patient's head (slightly on the upper cervical vertebra, 30° on the middle cervical vertebra, and try to support the lower cervical vertebra), and then rotate forward and upward 45° to hear the bouncing sound of cervical vertebra (figure 2-2-13a, b).

neck pain

Figure 2-2-13a and b according to the method of neck turning head

Fourteen, push shoulder method

[position]Client in prone position with head turned to affected side. The healer lunged before the bed.

[methods]The surgeon holds the patient's jaw with one hand and presses his head with his forearm; Push the affected shoulder with the other hand, and use the opposite force with both hands. The bouncing sound of cervical vertebra can be heard (figure 2-2-14a and b).

neck pain

neck pain

Figure 2-2-14a, b push shoulder method in support of jaw

15, prone neck rotation method

[position]Client in prone position with head turned to affected side; The healer lunged before the bed.

[methods]The doctor held the patient's high and tender transverse process or articular process with one thumb, and gently supported the patient's occipital with the other four fingers; The other hand supports the patient's lower jaw and exerts force upward and backward. Meanwhile, the waist exerts force backward and upward rotation of the patient's head, and the bouncing sound of cervical vertebra can be heard (figure 2-2-15a and b).

neck pain

neck pain

The 2-2-15 a, b

There is lingering fragrance in the hand.

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shooting pain in lower back – Netizen ridicule: huawei P90 back is camera

The exposure of the image contains three new handsets, huawei p30 series p30 lite, p30 and p30 pro, you can see three new handsets compared to previous generation on the design change is not large, the back is still used the curve glass material fuselage, including p30 lite and rear p30 equipped with vertical three perturbation, but a slightly different configuration, p30 pro adopted vertical four rear perturbation.

From this, the netizen also is joking: huawei p90 can, the back is full of camera

sore back muscle relief

sore back muscle relief

The p30 lite USES a rear-facing fingerprint, while the p30 and p30 pro don't have a fingerprint recognition module on the back, and will almost certainly use a frontal screen fingerprint. On the front of the fuselage, according to the previous information, the three new models will use water drop full screen design, screen ratio performance is quite good.

sore back muscle relief

In addition, according to the latest information released by the ministry of industry and information technology, huawei has obtained network access licenses for three models, namely ele-al00/tl00 and vog-al00/al10. Both support dual-card and dual-standby and all-netcom 4g networks. Since the internal codes of huawei p30 and p30 pro are respectively "elle" and "vogue", it can be confirmed that they will be domestic versions of huawei p30 and p30 pro.

sore back muscle relief

However, the ministry of industry and information technology has not released specific certification information and certificate photo. According to previous online information, huawei p30 may be equipped with 3650 mah battery, support 22.5w fast charging technology, and retain 3.5mm headphone jack. The huawei p30 pro, on the other hand, will have a 4,200mah battery, a 40w super fast charging technology and infrared capabilities, but still no 3.5mm headphone jack.

sore back muscle relief

In addition, the camera will be the biggest highlight of huawei's p30 series. Foreign technology tipster evan blass revealed that the p30 series will be upgraded from the previous 3x optical zoom and 5x hybrid zoom to 5x lossless zoom and higher hybrid zoom. SONY's new 38 megapixel imx607 is also expected to appear on the p30 pro.

sore back muscle relief

Huawei p30 series will be officially released in Paris, France on March 26, and it is expected that huawei will release some information about this machine in the near future. Domestic mobile phone information will continue to be followed, interested friends may wish to pay attention to our recent push.

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neck pain and headache – Always feel pain, acid or numbness in your neck? 4 types of symptoms to pay attention to

The update of electronic products, make "lower the head gens" more and more people, cervical spondylosis, myopia, tenosynovitis patients one after another, especially known by the most obvious cervical spondylosis. In the electronic products bring us great convenience today, should we also pay attention to their health life?

Think about driving, on the bus, subway, train, eating, squatting in the toilet, the prelude to sleep, etc. Are we all lowering our heads and scratching our phones with our fingers?

As the saying goes, the neck is the main road to sustain the health of human body, not only to provide nutrition blood to the brain, and neck lymph nodes is also the first article of prevent viruses and bacteria invasion protection line, there are all kinds of nerve distribution in the neck of the human body, such as the dominant human movement and feel the spinal nerve, regulating the blood pressure, breathing, cranial nerves, heart beat fast and regulation of sympathetic and parasympathetic nerve, etc. So the neck is very important to the body.

The daily life of raising head computer and lowering head mobile phone is the primary reason of cervical spondylosis getting younger and younger. Long-term lowering of the head causes the muscles in the neck to be in a state of strain, resulting in the herniation of the cervical disc, decreased stability of the cervical vertebra, and compression of the spinal cord and nerves, thus causing neck pain, acid sleepiness, numbness, and even shoulder and back pain, acid sleepiness, headache, dizziness and other head symptoms. Cervical spondylosis is not a day to develop, a long period of buried in the phone, playing games and bad habits such as lying reading, lying on the table to sleep, watching TV will again cause double injury of cervical vertebra. Such accumulated bad habits, cervical vertebra can not be affected? Said so much, what symptom does cervical vertebra disease have after all?

1. Stiff and painful neck, and resistance when the head rotates from side to side;

2. Numbness, pain and weakness of upper limbs, neck and shoulders, difficult movements to complete when fastening buttons and holding things;

3. Dizziness, headache, lack of concentration and poor sleep;

4, double eye objects will have shadow, or nausea, vomiting, etc.

If appear appeal when the symptom, want the occurrence of disease of alert cervical vertebra! It can be seen that starting from the details of life, it is particularly important to maintain our cervical vertebra in an unimpeded environment.

1. "put down your phone and become a Buddha instantly" oh!

2, when we walk we should hold our heads high, eyes flat ahead, as far as possible away from the side of the road to play mobile phone habits.

3. Keep your head down for work or study for no more than 1 hour (including looking at your phone, of course). Keep your head up, or stand up and walk anywhere.

4. Don't twist our necks too much.

In addition, in order to prevent the occurrence of cervical spondylosis, in addition to the above bad habits, but also protect our cervical vertebra from cold, by the wind, especially menstrual or after the production of female friends and long-term at the computer desk office air conditioning room.

(the pictures in this article are from the Internet, for reference only)

(by yan lingling)

shooting pain in lower back – 5 simple yoga stretches to relieve lower back pain

September 22, 2017 00:37:41

lower spine pain relief

Lower back pain is basically the compression of the lumbar spine and the weakness of the muscles around it, and what we do is we stretch the muscles around the lumbar spine to relieve the pressure.

Today I recommend 5 simple yoga stretches to relieve lower back pain.

1. Lift on your back legs

lower spine pain relief

Lie on your back, legs straight, left leg up

Put your hands around your knees or behind your thighs, keeping your lower back on the floor

Hold for 10 breaths

2. Turn on your back

lower spine pain relief

Lie on your back with your right hand open to the right, bend your right knee and step on top of your left thigh

Press your left hand down on your right knee, turn your head to look at your right side, and hold for 10 breaths

3. The functions of the type

lower spine pain relief

Lie on your back, bend your right knee and put your hands around your knee close to your chest

4. Supine needle piercing

lower spine pain relief

Bend your right knee over your left knee and pull it close to your chest

Keep your lower back and shoulders on the floor

5. Low lunge

lower spine pain relief

Step on the ground with your left foot and land on your lower leg and knee with your right leg

Push your knees with your hands and extend your spine

shooting pain in lower back – Treatment and diet for lower back pain

Lower back pain is the pain felt in the lower lumbar spine, lumbosacral area or sacroiliac area, often accompanied by sciatica, pain to the side or on both sides of the hip or lower limb sciatic nerve distribution.

If you're unlucky enough to have lower back pain, here are a few things you should eat every day:

Yam, also known as huai mountain, rich nutrition, loved. Herbs perennial, often purplish, with trailing stems, opposite leaves, tuberous cylindrical, creamy white, ovate or elliptic flowers, dioecious. In many places of China, yam contains protein, carbohydrate, calcium, phosphorus, iron, carotene and vitamin and other nutrients, but also contains amylase, choline, mucinase and diosgenin. Amylase, also known as digestin, can break down starch and other substances, if mixed with alkaline substances, amylase effect disappears. Filling but not greasy, fragrant but not dry. Chinese yam is rich in nutrition and easy to be digested and absorbed by the human body.

Lycium wolfberry is the dry and mature fruit of the solanaceae plant ningxia wolfberry. Lycium barbarum is a shrub or large cultivated shrub, 1-3m tall. Main stem several, stout; Branchlets longitudinally ribbed with short unleafed spines and long leaf-bearing and flowering spines; Fruit branches slender, usually apically pendulous, exfoliate grayish yellow, glabrous. Leaves alternate or several clustered on short branches; Pedicel thin; Petiole to know; Leaf blade lanceolate or oblong-lanceolate, 2 — 8cm long, 0.5 — 3cm wide, apex apiculate, base cuneate or narrowly wedge-like, spreading into petioles, entire, dark green above, pale green behind, glabrous. Flowers axillary, often simple 1 or 2-6 clustered on short branches; Calyx species, 4-5mm long, apex 2-3 deeply lobed, lobes broadly ovate-shaped or ovate-triangular; Berry ovoid, elliptic, or broadly ovate, 8 — 20mm long, 5 — 10mm in diameter, red or orange, fleshy rind. Corolla funnelform, tube ca. 8mm long, apex 5-lobed, lobes ovate, ca. 5mm long, pink or lavender-red, with dark purple veins, a ring of pilose above the insertion of stamens in the tube; Stamens 5; Pistil 1, ovary oblong, 2-locular, style linear, stigma capitate. Seeds numerous, subrenal and flat, brownish yellow. Flowering from may to October, fruiting from June to November. The root bark of the plant (ground bone bark), tender stem leaf (Chinese wolfberry leaf) also for medicinal use.

Both at home and abroad. Medlar body is treasure, Ming li shizhen "compendium of materia medica" records: "spring to pick medlar leaves, known as tianjing grass; Summer flowers, known as changsheng grass; Autumn harvest, the name of the wolfberry; Winter root, the name of the bone skin. Chinese wolfberry young leaves also known as Chinese wolfberry head, edible or as Chinese wolfberry tea. To large, red color, thick meat, soft and moist quality, less seeds, sweet taste for the best.

This product is the dry root of radix euphorbiae of dicotyledons. Roots are oblate cylindrical, slightly curved. Produced in guangdong, guangxi, fujian and other places. Can be harvested all year round, dried in the sun, or steamed through again, remove wood core, cut into raw sections. Twine the vine. Leaves opposite, membranous, oblong, apex apiculate, dorsal veins and petiole shortly hirsute; Stipules membranous. Inflorescence capitate, with 2 ~ 10 flowers, borne on branchlets or arranged in umbels, pedicels hairy; Calyx tube hemispherical, apex irregularly toothed; Corolla white, laryngeal contraction, 4-lobed; Stamens 4, filaments short; Ovary inferior, 4-locular, style slender and short, 2-lobed. Polymorphic flowers often single, subglobose, one seed per compartment. Flowering from 4 to 6 months, fruiting from 7 to 1l months. Born in a valley, stream or forest. Main production guangdong, guangxi; There are cultivated.

Chinese medicine and tonic food are some of the best ways for Chinese people to self-regulate. The same is true for lower back pain. Eating more of these ingredients on a daily basis can be very helpful for lower back pain.

upper right back pain – Body aches? It's inflammation. Practice yoga for 10 minutes a day to keep your back from aching

Body aches? Inflammation is at work, 10 minutes a day, let you away from backache!

In today's fast-paced society, most people have more or less back pain symptoms, why often have pain symptoms? Some because be in a pose for a long time cause blood flow not free, some because arthritis, shoulder neck inflammation wait for inflammation to be affected, how should that alleviate? Yoga is a good choice, yoga culture is extensive and profound, years of exercise yoga can not only shape the body, but also alleviate arthritis and other diseases, the following three postures every day with small make up practice 10 minutes, let you away from back pain.

1. Variant of beef noodle style

This posture can eliminate excess fat, shape the perfect shape s, can also promote blood circulation, assist in the treatment of arthritis, cervical spondylitis and other pain.

A. sit on the floor with your spine straight and your abdomen tight. Place your hands naturally at your sides and breathe.

B. look ahead, with right thigh crossed over left thigh, instep on the floor, legs extended to both sides.

C. Extend the right elbow up close to the ear, touch the back with the right palm, slowly extend the left arm backward, put your fingers together on your back, keep breathing evenly and stick to this movement 60s

D. slowly return to your sitting position, relax, and repeat 3 times with the opposite hand.

2. Plank

This pose requires arm and leg strength to support the body. Practicing this pose regularly not only strengthens the arms, reduces the risk of back and spinal injuries, but also helps treat back pain and other conditions.

A. Lie prone on the floor, feet hip width apart, toes touching the floor, elbows bent at your sides, and breathe.

B. Use the strength of arms and toes to slowly extend the body upward, straighten the knees and keep the arms perpendicular to the ground. Stick to this movement 60s.

C. slowly return to your tummy, exhale, and repeat three times.

3. Dog up

This pose stretches the abdomen, tightens the hips, eliminates excess proud flesh, shapes the body, and stretches the spine, helping to relieve sciatica.

A. Lie prone on the floor with elbows bent at your sides to relax and breathe.

B. with both hands, slowly lift the upper body off the ground until the hands are straight and the legs are straight.

C. Look forward, shoulder blade adduction, sternum elevation, and hold this motion for 10-20s.

D. Slowly return to your stomach, exhale, and repeat three times.

Exercise for 10 minutes every day to keep you from backache!

upper right back pain – Alleviate backache occupational disease, this 10 individual type must understand, the effect is great

The body is the capital of revolution, don't make fun of health.

Your sedentary body can't take a big blow. Facing different challenges every day, what we can do is to adjust our body and mind, strike out with the best side, and practice simple yoga to help you get rid of fatigue and show your vitality. Face these backache occupational disease, this 10 individual type must understand, the effect is really great.

Look1: practice arm movements to relieve sore arms

Arm is the most obvious trunk in the body, powerful arm can improve the body's ability to resist pressure, bring infinite possibilities to life.

In the one-handed snake reflexion, first sit on a yoga mat and lift your body with both hands, right leg forward, left leg backward, left foot on your neck, or left leg outward, winding left arm, looking straight ahead.

This pose is a great way to increase the strength of your right arm. Start by supporting your whole body with your right leg extended and your left arm straight, keeping your neck natural.

Crane cicada-style stretching, first of all, both hands support the whole body, lift up the legs, legs bending, knee on the elbow, the right hand of the person's hands keep straight, leg back extension, left leg bending, right leg straight, to maintain balance.

Finally, stretch the muscles in your arms. First, put your hands on the ground. Then lift your legs.

Look2: practice leg movements to release pressure on your legs.

Strong legs give a man a lot of confidence and stability.

First, use the left foot of the left arm as a fulcrum to support the body. Lift up the right arm and right leg. Hold the raised right foot with the right foot and look straight at the right hand to maintain balance.

Body and legs of the extension, first sit on the yoga mat, then hands forearm on the ground, arms to raise legs, left leg straight forward, right leg straight back, legs remain tight state, feet tiptoe down, neck to maintain a natural state.

Hanuman's reflexion is an effective way to stretch the muscles of both legs. First, the left leg is in front, the right leg is straight behind, the body is sitting on the yoga mat, then the upper body is bent back, both arms are extended back, hands are held behind the right leg, eyes looking straight up.

Practice the balance of holding toes upright, can waist left leg muscle, maintain the upright standing posture, then slowly raise the left leg, double arms naturally open, left hand hold the raised left foot, two arms keep tight state, keep the body balance.

Look3: practice waist action to effectively avoid lumbar spine problems

Having a strong waist can not only make a man confident in his career, but also in his family life.

The extension of triangle twist, first left leg in front, right leg behind, legs maintain tight state support body, upper body forward tilt, left finger on the yoga mat, right arm up extension, eyes straight straight right hand.

The extension of side Angle extension, first left leg to bend to the left, right leg to the right straight lunge posture, then upper body to the right extension, the right hand holding the right leg, left hand up extension, eyes direct extension of the right arm.

Practice the side-plank pose, which stretches the muscles in your lower back. This pose requires you to first support your body with your left hand and right leg, leaning to the left, bending your left leg forward, taut toes of your left foot, straightening up your right arm, and keeping your neck natural.

The crane cicada-style stretching, first of all, the two arms apart from a certain distance, hands fingers on the ground, arms hard to raise the legs, legs bending, two knees on both arms, neck to maintain a natural state.

By practicing these 12 simple yoga postures, you can stretch your muscles, move your muscles, get rid of your tired body, and feel energetic every day.

upper right back pain – The first day of work, back pain difficult to adapt, go home to 12 individual type relief fatigue

Secret language record: come to set yoga to relax

Today is a lot of people start work the first day, small make up is also ah, this feeling, very acid cool, because the body has not adapted to the seat, has been in resistance, backache, so I plan to go home to practice 12 yoga postures, to relieve fatigue, and small mi the same friend, fast to practice together.

Look1: the first step of the plan — use muscles

Start with some general exercises that move your muscles and prepare your body's cells for strength training without damaging them.

Crane cicada pose is good for arm training. Face the floor, arms straight and shoulder-width apart, palms supported. Your legs should be tight and bent, your thighs should be lifted to your waist and abdomen, and your knees should be pushed forward against your armpits. Lean forward to keep your balance.

And the side board is roughly the same, the body to the left side, using the straight left arm in front of the body to support the body. Right leg side unbend, sole of the foot steps on the ground, left leg ham rises from the previous direction to the side of the body, crus bends to cross left arm forward, right hand is in the air dozen straight.

A derivative of the monkey style also stretches the leg muscles. Above all double leg before and after fork sits on the ground, right leg is in before unbend press the ground, left leg is in hind ham front side sticks the ground, crus bends up perpendicular ground. Bend your left arm from head to back, holding the tip of your left toe. Straighten your right arm in front of your body, place your palm on your right knee and lift your head.

This is derived from the headstand. Lift your head and stand with your elbows parallel to the ground. Legs together, buttocks slightly after falling, knees in front of the downward contraction, calf bending. Pay attention to stability.

Look2: work out for sore psoas

Targeted waist strength exercise, focus on stretching stiff and soft unbearable lumbar spine, but also can eliminate a circle of fat.

This action is an advanced version of the wheel. Stand with your legs, arms straight up at the side of your head, then bend back until your palms touch the ground inward. Stand on tiptoe with your left foot, right leg straight up in the air, instep stretched tight.

To stretch your upper body muscles, try camel pose. Move your legs slightly apart and kneel down with your calves and instep completely flat. Keep your thighs straight on the floor, bending back while pushing your chest up. Hold your heels with your arms straight behind you, and tilt your head back.

The full cobra will stretch all your muscles. Lie prone on the ground, double leg is apart slightly, raise on crus close up, thumb photograph contacts, the side before ham contacts the ground. Lift your upper body and lean back, keeping your arms straight in front of you, palms on the ground, between your shoulder blades.

Above all double leg unbend right leg before before and after stand, to right side side stoop, lumbar side as far as possible press close to right ham. With your right arm straight, reach out across the front of your legs and hold your left ankle.

Look3: yoga – soothe tight nerves

After your targeted strength training, four stretching postures help you relax the tight parts of your body, allowing the tense muscles to relax and stretch.

The whole shape is similar to the crescent moon. One leg bent in front of the body, the sole of the foot on the ground, the leg vertical ground, thigh and leg Angle 45°. The other leg behind the calf to the ground, thigh raised. Tighten your shoulders, put your hands on your hips, and lean back as far as you can, with your head down.

In the monkey style, sit on the ground with your right leg straight in front of your body and your inside side completely touching the ground. Bend back with your head back to your forehead against your left heel, and bend your hands back from the front of your head to hold the back of your left foot.

There is a slight difference in the stoop from the triangular extension. Stand with your legs straight and left apart. Bend to the left side until the left arm is straight on the calf, while the right hand up and straight. Turn your head and look at your right hand.

Crescent is good for stretching the lumbar spine. The right leg is in the lunge position, the left leg is slightly bent in the back, the front side of the calf together with the instep press the ground. Lift your hands straight on either side of your head, then lean back and straighten your chest.

Back pain is no longer a hindrance to your work. Let you concentrate on your work and stop worrying about your physical problems.

upper right back pain – A lot of back pain? Watch out for these 8 diseases that haunt you

Many people also suffer from back pain on a regular basis. The back of the human body is a relatively wide range, it can include the neck, chest, waist, sacral and so on, the main structure of the back is the spine, it is a number of vertebrae connected by the spinal cord, in the spinal canal, surrounded by ligaments, muscles, tendons, fascia and so on. It's also the complex structure of the back that makes it more vulnerable to injury.

Back pain is actually a symptom that can be caused by a variety of diseases. If it is caused by a cold in the back or improper posture, like a stiff neck, it can heal itself in a short time. But if it's a serious illness that causes you to suffer from chronic back pain, it's time to be vigilant and seek medical attention.

Often back pain don't be careless! Watch out these 8 diseases find you!

1. Arthritis

Many arthritis patients often appear back pain symptoms, common cervical spondylitis, periarthritis of shoulder, ankylosing spondylitis. Most patients with cervical spondylosis have mild symptoms at the beginning and gradually aggravate in the future. If it involves the spinal nerves of the 4th, 5th and 6th cervical vertebra, it is easy to cause back pain, upper limb weakness, numbness of fingers, dizziness, nausea, blurred vision, blurred swallowing and other symptoms, which are the main manifestations of cervical spondylosis.

Patients with periarthritis of shoulder are generally shown as shoulder joint pain, patients in the home of the disease will also appear back pain. Ankylosing spondylitis belongs to the category of rheumatism, patients can appear sacral back pain, and can be radiating to the buttocks, pain and hard feeling more obvious when morning.


Osteoporosis generally does not have obvious symptoms in the early stage of onset, as the aggravation of the disease, especially elderly women often appear hump back, back pain. Severe osteoporosis can lead to compression fractures of the spine, which can lead to severe lower back pain, roll over and movement difficulties, curvature of the spine, and reduced height.

3. Diseases of chest organs

Back pain can be seen in common chest diseases such as heart disease and respiratory problems. For example, a common symptom of heart disease is chest pain, and some patients have heart attack pain that extends back; Respiratory diseases such as lung cancer, pleural adhesion, tuberculosis, etc., can also cause back, back and shoulder blade pain.

Kidney disease

Certain kidney disease is like nephritis, kidney stone to wait, can appear apparent on the back of right kidney area knock pain or dull pain, if accompany the symptom such as high fever, hematuria, disgusting, vomiting, answer to go to a hospital in time, check whether suffer from kidney disease.

6. Gynecological diseases

A variety of gynecological diseases will lead to back pain, such as part of women in the physiological period will appear back pain, which may be caused by cervicitis, pelvic inflammatory disease and other gynecological diseases caused by dysmenorrhea, and uterine fibroids oppression of the lower back muscle, nerve will also appear back pain.

7. Urinary system diseases

Urinary system diseases are also related to back pain, such as urinary tract infection, urinary stones and other sudden onset of back pain, pain more along the ureter radiating down the abdomen, but also accompanied by hematuria, urine and other symptoms.

Digestive diseases

Common digestive diseases such as stomach ulcers, cholecystitis and pancreatitis are associated with back pain. For example, patients with gastric ulcer mainly abdominal pain, pain extends to the back; Cholecystitis cocoa appeared right back near costal margin of pain, pain is radioactive; Low back pain in patients with pancreatitis may radiate from the upper abdomen.

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To sum up, back pain is not only caused by stiff neck and bone disease, but also can be seen in multiple parts of the body adjacent to the viscera lesions. Therefore, once the occurrence of frequent attacks of back pain, do not take it lightly, should go to the hospital as soon as possible to do an examination, detailed description of their symptoms to the doctor, in order to find out the cause as soon as possible.

upper right back pain – Is right back pain an early symptom of lung cancer

Today's people live at a faster pace and are immersed in busy work and life every day. Sometimes you feel right back pain, and at this point someone will say right back pain is an early sign of lung cancer. So is that really the case? What exactly causes the right back pain? So what are the real symptoms of lung cancer? Let's take a look.

Causes the right back pain

1. Back pain caused by cervical spondylosis

Cervical vertebra disease happens in cervical vertebra, how can cause back ache? Little imagine, cervical vertebra the 4th, 5th, after the spinal nerve of 6 cervical vertebra extends to back, innervate the skin muscle of upper back. When degenerative changes occur in the cervical spine, back pain can occur if the posterior ramus of the spinal nerve in the fourth, fifth, and sixth vertebrae is pulled. In fact, neck is backache, upper limb is weak, finger is become numb, giddy, disgusting see an object fuzziness even, deswallowing is fuzziness the symptom expression of cervical vertebra disease.

2. Back pain from a sprained neck and stiff neck

Due to improper neck movement or poor sleep position, local muscle is sprained, pain involves back muscle, the history is short, the tenderness point is fixed and located in the muscle injury department, which is more common in the upper part of the shoulder blade, accompanied by muscle spasm, can touch the cable spasm muscle bundle with obvious pressure pain, and the activity of neck and back is restricted obviously.

Back pain caused by rheumatism

Rheumatic disease is autoimmune disease more, come on concealedly and slow, disease course is longer, invade joint, skeleton, muscle, blood vessel and relevant soft tissue, can cause the back ache of certain level, the weather is cool and cool, cold and damp, back ache aggravates.

Back pain caused by periarthritis of shoulder

Periarthritis of shoulder will cause shoulder pain, with the development of the disease, the pain range will continue to increase, some patients will appear back pain.

5. Back pain caused by ankylosing spondylitis

Ankylosing spondylitis patients will appear chronic hair or persistent back and back pain, spinous process pressure pain, morning after back stiffness, back and back pain aggravation when leaning back, improve after activities, long standing or walking easy fatigue. Most of the patients showed limited activity in the lower back and waist. Physical examination revealed lumbar spinous process tenderness, paraspinal muscle spasm, muscle atrophy and even humpback deformity.

In fact, the right back pain is not necessarily a major disease, but it still needs to be determined by the professional diagnosis of doctors. After all, the body is your own, and it is always good to care more about your own body. Here are some common symptoms of lung cancer.

Common early signs of lung cancer

1, haemoptysis,

Half of lung cancer patients have the condition. Men over the age of 40 who smoke have a high risk of lung cancer once they develop blood in their sputum, blood streaks or small blood clots, which is one of the early signs of lung cancer.

2, cough

This is a common symptom of lung cancer, which affects about two-thirds of patients. Once cough character changes in the patient that has chronic and long-term cough, or frequency conversion or appear nocturnal cough, want vigilance lung cancer. A persistent, uncontrollable cough is one of the most painful symptoms of lung cancer.

3. Chest tightness and shortness of breath

In addition to tumor obstruction bronchial causes atelectasis and pulmonary inflammation can cause chest stuffy short, generally more in the late stage of lung cancer is more obvious, especially when more amount of chest water is more prominent.

4, fever

Most of the fever of lung cancer is caused by cancer obstruction of bronchial cavity, poor drainage and inflammation caused by. In large tumors, necrosis occurs in the inflammatory center, often resulting in a higher body temperature due to the absorption of toxins. Lung cancer patients examination of the body without obvious inflammation, but there is a clear fever, often caused by the tumor itself, that is, the so-called "cancer heat", the body temperature is often below 38℃.

If you feel that your body has any discomfort, be sure to timely hospital examination, after all, these diseases or through the professional diagnosis of the doctor can be concluded.

Summary: the above is a few reasons for back pain, or that the body is their own, more attention is always no harm. If you feel uncomfortable all the time, you must go to the hospital in time to avoid delaying your illness and causing irreversible consequences. Finally, I hope we all have a healthy body.

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