pain at base of back – How is backache to return a responsibility? How should prevent and treat

Speaking of back pain I empathy, I kind of desk is not white-collar workers, often back pain, always thought that is a question of cervical vertebra, there are a lot of patients with back pain, sitting at work every day in the long-term heavy friend or physical labor, often can appear the phenomenon of back pain, often have the time to take a good rest day is also good, not too on the heart, this is feel excessively, also don't have to go to the hospital to see, but if you often back pain, will special attention, so after is how to return a responsibility? How should prevent and cure? Here is a brief introduction.

One, back pain is how to return a responsibility

Some people experience back pain in their daily lives, but most don't know much about back pain. In fact, there are many causes of back pain in life, the most common are the following:

1. Ankylosing spondylitis

It can be said that ankylosing spondylitis is one of the main causes of back pain in some people, and the disability rate of this disease is very high. As a result, experts warn patients to rush to the hospital as soon as possible for detailed examination and treatment if they find any abnormality in their back pain. Patients with ankylosing spondylitis often have recurrent episodes of sciatica. These are the most common symptoms of this condition, so patients should be vigilant in general.

2. Functional reasons

In addition, some patients suffer from functional causes, which are also referred to as physical causes or primary causes in medicine. This is the most likely cause of patients' post-back pain. Damage to the structure of the back of the general human body is the least easy to detect, and once detected, usually the disease has been more serious. There are many causes of functional damage to the back, but most of them are caused by lifestyle, improper posture or psychological stress.

3. Early ankylosing spondylitis

There are some patients with early ankylosing spondylitis, life will often have different back pain, so this part of patients in daily life should pay special attention to, once there is back pain will be taken seriously. The symptoms of these patients are chronic generalized back pain, in addition to some phenomena, if the symptoms are more severe patients, there will be scattered or morning back stiffness.

4. Organ causes

Another factor is back pain caused by organ damage. It can be found by X-ray and scanning that most of these patients have organ damage or tumor, which are the causes of back pain. There are also infections or organ degeneration, which can affect the structure of the spine.

These are all causes of back pain, after understanding, patients should pay special attention to their back discomfort symptoms, if aggravated must go to the hospital as soon as possible.

How to prevent and treat back pain

How is backache to return a responsibility? For all the reasons, prevention is better than cure. Prevention is the maintenance of posture first. From the point of view of physical therapy, the following methods of prevention and treatment are proposed.

1. Recognize good posture

Recognize good posture and maintain at any time including all kinds of movements in daily life, to use the basic principles of human biomechanics, must make the waist to maintain a good normal curvature, and can use lumbar back pad to help support the waist, in order to reduce the burden of the waist.

2, waist health campaign

Relaxation exercises: whole-body relaxation exercises. After lying on your back, begin with your toes and work your way up to the joints. Lie on your stomach and back on your elbows.

Flat back movement: bend your knees to lie on your back, clamp hip hard, and then contract the abdomen, waist curve flat clingy floor. The main purpose of this activity is to allow the lumbar spine to move freely.

3. Elbow bending:Stand with the back against the wall, or lie on the back on the bed, bending the elbow with the upper arm close to the body, using the elbow point as a fulcrum, to perform external rotation

4. Climb the wall with your fingers:The patient stands facing the wall and slowly climbs up along the wall with the fingers of the affected side, raising the upper limbs as high as possible to the maximum, making a mark on the wall, and then slowly returning to the original place, and so on repeatedly and gradually increasing the height.

5. Body rear handle:The patient stands naturally, in the posture of upper limb internal rotation and backward extension, the affected hand or wrist is gradually pulled to the healthy side and upward.

6. Stand with arms outstretched:The upper limb of the patient naturally droop, stretch out the arms, slowly extend the palms downward, slowly and forcefully lift up, stop for 10 minutes after reaching the maximum limit, and then return to the original place and repeat.

Old through the description of the above, for you is how to return a responsibility after also have a more comprehensive understanding, back pain or more possible reasons, after if because overworked causes, you need not too worried, if long-term pain not moderate, it shall timely medical treatment.

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