herniated disc exercises – This group of yoga exercises a few minutes every day, effectively prevent lumbar pain, lumbar disc protrusion, cervical spondylosis

Recently in the network popular sentence "is the same waist disc, why are you so prominent", although this sentence is regarded as a joke, but only had cervical spondylosis, lumbar disc prominent people will really understand the pain of this disease! And once suffer from, can never cure, a lifetime of pestered, is listening to listen to very terrible!

Even at a young age, we also have to lumbar disease, lumbar disc protruding these diseases prevention awareness! So today small make up to bring you specifically to prevent lumbar pain, jin vertebra disease and other diseases of a set of yoga postures, whether it is office workers or students are very suitable yo!

This yoga posture can strengthen your spine, long time practice can also correct the bad habit of sitting and standing for a long time, for the health of the body is not only beneficial, long-term persistence can also change your external image temperament, but all this is in the premise of posture standards oh! Let's practice together with xiaobian!

1. Half moon variant

A. maintain a standing position with the sole of your left foot pressed to the ground for balance, knees straight, right leg extended upward, upper torso slightly bent forward, doing a standing forward bend variant.

B. Hold the ground with your left hand and the sole of your right foot with your right hand. Open your shoulder and make sure your left leg is straight.

C. Avoid waist collapse. Keep changing sides for 30 seconds.

2, eight body throw ground variant

A. Lie flat on the ground with your abdomen tightened, elbows and forearms touching the ground, knees on the ground, and slowly lift your body until your abdomen is off the ground;

B. Tilt your head slightly back, keep your knees close to the ground, slowly lift your left thigh up until your toes touch your head, and bend your right leg upward and perpendicular to the ground;

C. Keep the movements for 30s, then change to the other side and repeat the movements for 5 times.

3. One-legged variant

A. stand on the ground, and slowly lean forward until your torso is parallel to the ground, placing your left hand on your back for balance;

B. Slowly straighten the right leg upward, bend the knee, extend the leg forward, and extend the right hand upward to hold the right foot to maintain balance;

Small make up to say: although the waist dish outstanding, these ills cannot effect a radical cure cervical spondylosis, developed a very troublesome thing, however, so also no between the waist dish outstanding big friend children must be caused take seriously, to correct their bad posture habits, of course, it is best to stick to practice this yoga postures to prevent the waist dish outstanding! Let's practice together with xiaobian!

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