herniated disc exercises – The most painful chronic occupational disease, how should central lumbar disc herniation prevent?

Since most middle-aged people and young people in the early stage, do not have their own sitting and standing posture adjustment. This leads them to sit in the wrong posture when faced with long hours. The reason we call these "wrong" postures is because they put more stress on our bodies and cause other illnesses. The recent spate of central disc herniations, for example, is largely the result of these poor posture. So is there a relatively effective treatment for this debilitating chronic muscle disease? Next, let me tell you well!

Treatment # 1: sleep without a pillow.

Because we're hunchbacked and chested for so long, the weight that should be on the spine is distributed to the lumbar spine. And the lumbar vertebra of the human body is a relatively fragile, load-bearing capacity is relatively small place. Over time, this will naturally cause problems in the lumbar spine. A more effective way to relieve stress is to keep your body level. This way, you don't need a pillow to sleep, and you can keep your body horizontal with only gravity.

Treatment method 2: fix the problem of cervical vertebra foreward first.

The reason why we have problems with the lumbar spine is because the cervical vertebra is in an abnormal state. In general, people who have problems with the lumbar spine will have problems with the cervical spine leaning forward. So keep your face straight and learn to tuck your chin in.

Treatment # 3: sit tight to your chair while sitting.

In addition to maintaining body level while sleeping, lean as close to the chair as possible while sitting. Because the back of the chair is vertical, it also helps to share the pressure on the lumbar spine.

In addition to these emergency treatments, there is a lot we can do to prevent these diseases. For example, the following list of several, are relatively strong operational.

Step 1: always sit properly. The so-called correct sitting posture should be cultivated from primary school. Keeping your back straight and your chest a punch and a half away from the edge of the table is basically standard posture.

Precaution 2: try to maintain eye level or up. Try to keep your eyes level or up at all times except when you're sitting. This way, can effectively avoid the neck forward tilt, natural also can help reduce the burden of the lumbar spine.

Step 3: practice posture every day. In addition, if you have a lot of free time, use it to practice posture. Not only will it help you develop your temperament, but it will also correct your raw and faulty muscle memory.

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