herniated disc exercises – Stick to these 3 little methods to effectively relieve lumbar disc protrusion and help you stay away from pain!

A herniated lumbar disc is caused by a protrusion of the nucleus pulposus tissue inside the annulus fibrosus, which compresses the sciatic nerve in the lower extremity, causing a series of pain symptoms in the lower back and legs. A herniated disc starts out as a mild pain in the lower back and legs, but it gets worse as the disease progresses.

For patients with disc herniation, usually must pay attention to, can not do very heavy physical work, otherwise it will aggravate the disease, serious may lead to lower limb paralysis.

Stick to these 3 little methods, can effectively alleviate the lumbar disc protrusion, let you away from the pain of disease!

1, the reverse method

Reverse walking is an effective way to train the muscles of the lower back and lower back, but be sure to choose a flat and safe place to practice. The speed when walking backward should decide according to oneself actual situation, should step by step, walk backward generally 20 minutes or so can. Choose a flat surface to avoid falls or tripping over.

2. Body suspension

According to their own endurance, grasp the high fixed hanging. When overhanging, the muscles of the waist and lower limbs should be properly relaxed, so that its natural prolapse, thereby achieving the goal of pulling. When overhanging the action must be slow to avoid improper operation of the body to cause greater harm. Suspension should be appropriate to increase the amount of exercise, and can be sustained for a long time.

3, arch waist, legs together stand

Stand with your legs together, squeezing your waist and hips forward as hard as you can until you reach your limit, then retract. Repeat this 15 times for a great workout.

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