herniated disc exercises – Can you play ball or do manual labor when you get a herniated disc at a young age?

I combine my own situation to answer your question, I hope to help you

I had a herniated disc in college, that's right! It's protruding, it's not bulging, it's pressing on the sciatic nerve, the whole right leg can't push, there's a tingling sensation, it goes all the way to the foot.

How do I get the waist tu, I also like the building Lord, is a sports enthusiast, play basketball in high school, rebound when fall on the shoulders of others, the whole body fell to the ground, at that time, waist pain can't move, but slow for a while and it's all right, I'll continue to play, now think that's when leaving the root, and later as a graduate student, continue to play basketball, running, fitness, etc., shortly before graduation and the elder brothers when riding, due to long-term maintain a bending plus caught in a rain, so the waist pain, at that time, also have never thought your highlights, oneself have a few days not see good, Discovered, go to a hospital checking have prominent oppressive nerve, and out for nearly two months, still not good, has been in despair at this moment, can't walk, can't bend, and even a deep breath, pain, basic and cripple, hope all the things on the surgery, I saw a lot of players in the NBA after lumbar surgery form big than before, what's more, I am not so advanced nursing and rehabilitation training after the operation, the estimated basic farewell movement!

I was unwilling, began to find online rehabilitation training method, determined by their victory over the waist, so I try a movement of an action, and pay close attention to the feedback of the body at any time, effective actions to reinforce practice, is invalid or has the action of the pain I gave up, I finally made the special rehabilitation exercise, middle-late early exercise every day, in this way, after a half-year rehabilitation exercise, basic can't feel my waist. Walking and sitting are the same as before. But I still wonder when I can play sports and when I can play ball.

Continue to exercise three months later, I changed the basketball shoes, for the first time on the basketball court, before the play, I take the warm-up, stretching, after playing slowly run, not to scramble into the inside, this is the first time after my waist suddenly playing basketball, didn't what happened, I gradually began to recover after the basketball, it's been almost 4 years in the past, the waist is no longer committed, I have attended several half marathon.

Here are my Suggestions:

1. Don't be unconcerned or too afraid after checking out. It's not serious, but it doesn't allow you to exercise too much.

2, now you need to do is to strengthen the waist muscle training, the lumbar spine is steel, the muscle is cement, if the cement is hard enough, it will also protect the steel.

3. Reduce waist injury movements and sports, and temporarily rest for half a month.

4, my back injury is so serious, now is not the same run jump, just want to have self-knowledge, I am playing forward, now has rarely into the inside line, in fact so go all out, not worth, not professional, outside shooting can be guaranteed to score.

Above is my advice, also hope to be helpful to everybody, have what problem also can communicate with me!

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