herniated disc exercises – 4 yoga movement conditioning lumbar disc herniation, relieve lumbar pain, we must learn

Have you been sitting all day with aches and pains in your back and neck?

Do you feel cold in your limbs during the cold winter months?

Do you feel as if your waist is broken, unable to stand, unable to sit.

Yes, you suffer from lumbar disc protrusion!

Suffered from lumbar disc herniation, after course of treatment and bed rest, the condition alleviates, acute period in the past, arrived to restore the rehabilitation period of lumbar function!

In this period of moderate waist exercise, will receive twice the result with half the effort. The method that the waist exercises is very much, the method that faces everybody below to introduce suits convalescence period to apply, both simple easy effective. This set of healthy waist exercise law can be summarized as waist exercise law.

1, camel

A. tighten your abdomen, straighten your spine, kneel on the ground, lower legs are perpendicular to the ground, elbows are straight, and arms are extended back to maintain even breathing;

B. slowly tilt the torso and head back until the abdomen is parallel to the ground, and touch the soles of the feet with both hands;

C. Keep the movement for 30s and repeat 5 times.

2. Lateral Angle extension variation

A. stand with right leg extended to the right, knees straight, feet on the ground, slowly lower center of gravity, left knee bent, toes on the ground to maintain balance;

B. tighten your abdomen, place your hands on the ground with five fingers open and crossed, and slowly lean your upper torso toward the ground until the upper torso is parallel to the ground;

C. Keep the movements for 30s, then change to the other side and repeat the movements for 5 times.

3, kong sit variant

A. tighten your abdomen, straighten your spine, sit on the ground, place your feet on the inside of your hips, and keep your legs close to the ground;

B. stretch your hands back and place them on your head, keeping your eyes straight ahead and breathing evenly;

4. Hanuman variations

A. maintain standing position, stretch left leg to the left, knee straight, right leg to the right, abdomen tight, spine straight;

B. keep your body in balance, slowly lower your center of gravity until your legs are close to the ground, keep your breathing even, extend your hands together and place them on top of your head;

Modern people are often in the forward bending position in the work, this position makes the lumbar spine in the flexion position for a long time, a long time, it will cause the imbalance of lumbar disc stress, lumbar posterior ligament excessive drafting, thereby causing backache.

It's always good to exercise more. Come on.

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