bad lower back ache – It's not for nothing that women have frequent back pain, or these 4 reasons why!

Backache is a very common symptom in life, many women have this kind of situation, bring a lot of inconvenience to their daily life. In general, women occasionally have back pain, the problem is not very big, if frequent back pain, you need to pay attention to the cause, it is not for nothing, can not be ignored.

Women often suffer from back pain, or these four factors may be behind it

When female friend appears the symptom of lumbago frequently, a lot of people can think it is him too tired more, or it is lumbar appeared problem, rest more good. In fact, the reason of female backache has a variety of, unfavorable and careless, the following is simple analysis for everybody.

One, waist catch cold or be to get traumatic

Women in postpartum and other special period of time, the waist by cold attack, prone to waist pain. If oneself waist has been traumatized, also can appear more serious back pain, serious when daily activities are a problem. When we experience frequent lower back pain, we can look more closely to see if we've had a cold or if we've had a trauma to our lower back before taking appropriate measures.

2. Back pain due to menstruation

The female of mature body development, every month has a menstruation, in this period, a few organizations among female pelvic cavity can have the circumstance of congestive, and hormone inside right now secrete also have a change, may make pelvic avascular dilate, appear the circumstance of frequent lumbago finally. This kind of waist pain caused by menstruation, female friends can slowly relieve through daily conditioning, if the effect is not good, you can go to the guidance of traditional Chinese medicine.

Urinary tract infection

In the middle of life, women with urinary stones can have lower back pain. The stone of general urological system can appear in the place such as urethra, kidney, can make the patient appear the symptom such as lumbar ache, dysuria, hematuria, when ache is serious, still can radiate to other place, make a person feel afflictive.

Four, suffered from some gynecological diseases

As women grow older, many will be entangled in gynecological diseases. When female body appears inflammation of department of gynaecology, pelvic cavity organ is easy to appear the condition of congestion oedema, inside is squeezed and pull, can cause lumbar ache. In addition, women suffer from uterine fibroids and other diseases, fibroids growth will be compressed to the nerve, also cause back pain, need more attention.

The symptom that often appears lumbago is abnormal circumstance, every woman's body has difference, the reason of lumbago is different, oneself should pay more attention to observation, find out the reason early, treat to the symptom, let the waist recover as soon as possible. Along with treatment, we can also take steps to help ourselves relieve pain.

Relief of lower back pain, we can do this

Try applying a hot compress to the waist

If you have a lot of pain in your lower back, try applying a hot compress. In the morning and evening free time, we can each apply once, each time apply 30 minutes, in the application time to control the heat, do not be too hot.

Bend back and exercise your waist

The lower back hurts a lot and we can also bend over backwards to relieve the pain. When exercising, oneself first both hands akimbo, bend backward slowly, reset again, do repeatedly so, the action wants slow, have certain effect to lumbar ache.

Female backache is a very common phenomenon, frequent pain, they should be taken seriously, find out the reason as early as possible, slowly relieve pain, let the waist recovery.

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