lower back pain not muscle related – Yangchun march, might as well eat this dish, qingheat-slippery bowel, shu jin activating collaterals, often eat to alleviate backache

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Ferns 1 bag, carrot half root, bell pepper 1, millet pepper 5, garlic 1 clove, white sesame 1 tablespoon, salt 10 grams, MSG 5 grams, white sugar 5 grams

Cooking steps:

1. Buy a bag of ferns, a bag of fresh green peppers, and a bag of carrots. Ferns open bag pour juice, cut inch section.

lower back pain not muscle related

2. Cut carrot and green pepper into strips about the thickness of fern.

lower back pain not muscle related

3. Heat the wok and bring water to a boil.

lower back pain not muscle related

4. Blanch the fern, carrot and green pepper in turn.

lower back pain not muscle related

5. Remove and cool the dry water and put it into the basin.

lower back pain not muscle related

6. Minced garlic, red rice peppers, white sesame seeds on top.

7. Splash some hot oil on it.

lower back pain not muscle related

8. Add salt, monosodium glutamate and sugar and stir well.

lower back pain not muscle related

9. Plate and serve.

lower back pain not muscle related

Cooking tips:

1. Ferns are rich in fiber, which helps people's intestines digest and get rid of waste products faster. 2. Ferns are rich in nutrients, many of which can help dilate blood vessels, especially for people who often eat meat, dilating blood vessels can promote blood circulation and reduce people's blood pressure. 3, ferns in addition to vegetables, as dishes to eat, but also can be processed into powder, powder is often eaten food, can help people replenish qi and blood, improve people's resistance. 4, ferns in a more special material, that is, ferns, this material only ferns, has a great help to people's health, especially in the aspect of bacteria inhibition, but also play a role in clearing heat and detoxification.

Do you like fern?

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lower back pain not muscle related – Look! This is how your lumbar disc is "sitting" out, 30 minutes a day, relief of back pain, 1 month effect!

And fitness enthusiasts as lumbar disc herniationHigh incidence populationIf the following appears10 symptomsBe careful…

1. Lower back pain:After most lumbar disc herniation patient is ill, can produce lumbar buttock ache to attack repeatedly, after lumbar dysparegia rests in bed, reduce gradually or subsidise. A few days or a few weeks later, gradually feel a side of lower limbs radioactive pain, standing, walking, coughing, sneezing and forced defecation, backache aggravate.

2. Lower back pain:This pain occurs before and at the same time as leg pain. Pain is mainly in the lower waist or lumbosacral region, mainly manifested in the low back fatigue after aggravation or take the same position for a longer period of time, but rest or bed pain can be reduced.

3. Simple pain and numbness in lower limbs:Although the condition of unwell of pure lower extremity pain in lumbar disease is rare, but still can become the first symptom in a few chronic degenerative lumbar disease, a part of middle-aged and elderly patients can come to see a doctor because of the numbness of pure lower extremity, acid bilge or plank.

4. Muscular paralysis:Lumbar disc herniation compresses nerve root to be serious when, can appear nerve paralytic, muscle is paralyzed, expression is sufficient prolapse; Severe symptoms, the course of the elderly, more muscular atrophy, especially the small leg muscle atrophy is more obvious.

lower back pain not muscle related

5. Limited spinal movement:Occurrence of lumbar disc herniation, spinal flexion, the front of the disc is compressed, the posterior gap widened, the nucleus pulposus back, make the tension of the protrusion increased, at the same time, the nucleus pulposus up, pull the nerve root and cause pain. When lumbar hind extend, protrusion also increases, and yellow ligament rubric protrudes forward, cause front and rear to squeeze nerve root and cause ache, ache limits the activity of spinal column so.

6. Radialgia of the lower extremities (sciatica) :Pain mainly along the hip, through the back of the thigh to the back of the calf or to the lateral ankle and toe began to dull pain gradually increased.

lower back pain not muscle related

7. Intermittent claudication:Intermittent claudication points to when the patient walks increase along with the distance and feel lumbago painful attack or aggravation, be forced to stop, crouch rest to alleviate hind go again.

8. Defecation disorder:In lumbar spine diseases, some patients may find incontinence or secretions of urine and feces, and urine retention, which is more common in spinal cord injury and intramyelopathy, leading to spinal cord dysfunction and loss.

lower back pain not muscle related

9. Numbness and paresthesia:It can cause local and involved compression in the contact area of nerve roots, which can press the fibers and blood vessels of the nerve root body and lead to ischemia and hypoxia. Therefore, abnormal sensations such as pain and numbness occur in the affected nerve root area.

10. Decreased back extension of big toe and ankle joint:The innervation of the long, short extensor and anterior tibia muscles of the affected limb was caused by different degrees of disturbance.

lower back pain not muscle related

"How does a herniated disc recover?"

When it comes to this question, many people's first reaction is"It's really hard to recover from lumbar disc herniation."

Yes, I believe that many people have tried many methods to recover from lumbar disc herniation,But in the end, nothing happened.

Stay in bed:With a job and a family, you can't stay in bed.

Drawing:It only relieves pressure on the disc.

Acupuncture:Need to adhere to the year – round, time – consuming and laborious.

Massage:Treat the symptoms, not the root cause, can only play an anti-inflammatory role.

lower back pain not muscle related

In fact, as long as the right method, to recover lumbar disc herniation is not difficult.

30 minutes a day for 1 month, can improve your lumbar disc herniation symptoms in a short time.

Patients with lumbar disc herniation, moving like this

Has suffered from lumbar disc herniation patients, should be timely to the regular hospital examination and treatment. According to the severity of the illness, can choose conservative treatment, such as taking anti-inflammatory painkillers, hot compress, massage, traction, physical therapy; Minimally invasive surgery; Surgical treatment and so on.

Suggest below the premise of regular treatment, undertake a few auxiliary exercise.

1. The swallow type

People with lumbar instability and spondylolisthesis should not do this exercise.

lower back pain not muscle related

2. Hip bridge type

A group of 10 can relieve waist fatigue and ache.

lower back pain not muscle related

3. The squat type

Do one to two sets of 5 to 10 at a time.

lower back pain not muscle related

4. Plank

Each group was held for 60 seconds, with four sessions lasting no more than 20 seconds between sessions.

Some sports cannot be done by people with lumbar spine diseases, such as walking backwards and hitting trees with their bodies, which is more harmful to lumbar spine health.

– end –

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lower back pain not muscle related – Woman long – term lumbago leg is soft, seek a doctor to xi 'an, check is spinal column grows unexpectedly "pineapple" big tumor | persistent lower back ache, most common lower back pain

Well, this morning around 9 o 'clock,

Ms. Zhu arrived in good health

Tangdu hospital of xi 'an air force medical university,

And said thanks to a team,

What's going on here?

how do you relieve lower back pain

The story goes back to the summer of 2017, when Ms. Zhu suffered from unexplained back pain. She thought she had a herniated lumbar disc and had been treated at the local hospital. However, as time went on, her condition did not improve. At first, her back hurt and finally she could not walk.

how do you relieve lower back pain

For this reason, Ms. Zhu has been to a number of hospitals for treatment, but due to complex conditions, has not been able to get good treatment.

After that, Ms. Zhu went to tangdu hospital of xi 'an air force military medical university for treatment.The patient has a large tumor in the lumbosacral spinal canal. If not treated in time, erosion will be further aggravated, and the patient is likely to face the risk of paralysis.

how do you relieve lower back pain

Li weixin, associate professor of neurosurgery, tangdu hospital, air force medical university:

"When I came to our hospital, I had to lie on my back, not on my side, not even on my feetBecause it has been eroded by the tumor, there are few bone connections."

how do you relieve lower back pain

Ms. Zhu's tumor is large, and many nerves are wrapped in it. During the operation, the nerve roots in this area will be removed, which will affect the patient's movement and urine function. The tumor can be removed with conventional surgery, but nerve function is difficult to preserve.

how do you relieve lower back pain

Professor li weixin said, to use a common analogy, isTo remove the entire tumor, which is the size of a pineapple, while preserving the wires that line the nerves inside,These are two contradictory questions. Solving this problem is the most difficult part of the operation.

how do you relieve lower back pain

Before the surgery, professor weixin li's team studied it and decided to design titanium alloy prosthesis for the patients with 3d printing technology.

how do you relieve lower back pain

After eight hours of surgery, a pineapple-sized tumor was completely removed along with the affected lumbar hip, and a 3d-printed titanium prosthesis filled in the missing vertebra, sparing the most nerve function.

how do you relieve lower back pain

Li weixin, associate professor, said that in the previous literature reports, it can be seen that many of the waist weight reconstruction, the domestic 3d printing prosthesis implantation, is in the forefront of the world. butThis case is the first of its kind in the world, in which the whole lumbar joint is excised, the whole tumor is excised, and the 3d printed implant is used to preserve the function of urine and feces.

how do you relieve lower back pain

Ms. Zhu is recovering well from the operation and can walk four or five steps without crutches,At present is slowly returning to improve, has basically been able to normal life.

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lower pain – "Neck shoulder waist leg pain" Taiwan soft technique jiangsu province training headquarters perennial enrollment! | back pain pregnancy

In daily life,

The patient is in the bodyEdge!

Spine health industry

The world needs moreSpinal healththose

(traditional Taiwanese soft technique: safe, painless, instant cure)

hip pain

Introduction of ye huiyang, founder of traditional soft technique in Taiwan

hip pain

hip pain

Teacher ye huiyang has students all over the world

hip pain

hip pain

hip pain

hip pain

Neck, shoulder, waist and leg pain is one of the training modules of traditional soft techniques in Taiwan

(a)Inquiry, inspection, chiropractic, dialectic, posture evaluation

(2)[activate labor function]; Two palm-labor palace absorption, sun, moon, stars and heaven and earth energy; To strengthen the body and prevent the patients from reflux treatment.

(3)Relaxation and repair techniques of cervical vertebra 7: [1. Physiological curvature straightening 2. Back arch 3. Rotation 4. Dislocation 5.

(4)The symptoms caused by shoulder and neck discomfort, the scope of influence and the relaxation of repair techniques, to solve the neck compensation point, periarthritis of shoulder, hand numbness, hand pain, tennis elbow, dislocation and other traditional Taiwanese soft manipulation bone-setting and reduction techniques.

(5)Chest hump, thick back thick shoulders

(6)Prosperous package

(7)Lumbar vertebra relaxation and repair techniques: [1. Physiological curvature straightening; 2. Backarch; 3. Bulge; 4. Protrusion; 5. Skew; 6. Hyperplasia; 7. Rotation; 8. Dislocation; 9. Compression; 10. Disc herniation]

(8)Methods of leg relaxation and repair: [1. The lumbar reflex affects the uncomfortable symptoms of the legs and solves leg numbness, pain, sciatica, etc. 2. Knee pain 3.

(9)Length of the leg

(10)The traditional soft technique in Taiwan adjusts the spine with mental power, internal power and penetrating power. [1. Loss of eyes; 2. Headache; 3. Dizziness; 4. Chest stuffy and short of breath; 5. Arrhythmia; 7.

The original price:6800 yuan(Early bird price: 1000 yuan tuition fee can be reduced by 2000 yuan deposit in advance)

Special price:5800 yuan

Training: two days (the starting date will be notified then)

Time:PM from 09:00 am – 17:30pm

6217 0031 1002 2883 837

Taiwan's traditional soft approach to global chainsQuality courses are cordially invited

Taiwan's traditional soft approachInstant solutions

Taiwan's traditional soft approach · part of the case appreciation

hip pain

hip pain

hip pain

hip pain

hip pain

hip pain

hip pain

hip pain

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lower back pain pregnancy – Does stretching work for lower back pain? 7 stretching exercises

Statement: picture source network, if there is infringement, please inform

I have a partner in my gym who has lower back pain, and he usually gets up in the morning to stretch his lower back, but the next morning he feels just as bad.

The vicious circle of lower back pain

For years it was assumed that you had to stretch on either side of the sore, but in recent years research has found that's not the case,

Lower back pain to stretch and relax the lower back, which is actually the victim, is just exacerbating the source of the problem, which may actually make your lower back problem worse.

7 stretching exercises to help you avoid lower back pain

The good news is that exercise to prevent and delay the onset of lower back pain can be done anytime, anywhere, in your spare time. However, if you really want to try these seven things at home or at the office, it's best to consult your doctor first.

1. Stretch your back

Lean forward and hold on to the edge of an object — it could be a sofa, a desk, a countertop, or anything close to you. Meanwhile, push your hips outward until you feel your lower back taut. Hold the stretch for 15 seconds and repeat three times.

2. Stretch your spine

Hold right knee extension for 20 seconds. Switch left knee. Repeat for 20 seconds. After two or three rounds, take a break and then do another round.

3. Hamstring stretch

Lie on your back with your hands under your thighs. Lift your legs and slowly move your hands toward your feet until your hamstrings are tight. Lift your right leg and hold for 20 to 30 seconds, then switch to your left leg. The hamstring is attached to the lower back, so relaxing the hamstring can have a positive effect on back pain.

4. Knee stretch

Lie on your back, bend your knees and bring your legs in. Place your hands on your shin bones and stretch your knees toward your chest until they are taut. Start with your right leg and hold tight for 20 to 30 seconds before switching legs. Repeat two or three times, the beginner does not have to deliberately pursue completion.

lower back pain pregnancy

5. Stretch the piriformis muscle

It looks strange, but it's not very difficult. Lie on your back, grab your right foot, lift it over your left knee, and lift it over your chest until it feels tight. Hold tense for 15 seconds before allowing the other leg.

6. Hip flexion stretch

Crouch, one leg back, knee on the floor, the other leg forward on the knees, the sole of the foot on the floor. Rotate your legs, holding the position for 20 seconds at a time, and repeat two to three times to maximize muscle and ligament stretch.

Stretch quadriceps

You may have noticed that a lot of the stretching up here is aimed at relaxing the taut leg muscles that are attached to the back. To perfect your stretch, lie on your side, with one arm raised to the top of your head and the other arm holding the lower tibia and pulling your leg back, then switch sides and hold tight for 20 to 30 seconds at a time. Repeat two or three times on each side.

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pain at base of back – Three months later, he had his back turned upside down! What tips can you use? | how to soothe a bad back

Just do 500 pull-ups at a time to get an inverted triangle! Such fairy tales are always deceptive. To get a good enough back, you need to adjust your training. Someone else can do it in three months, so can you.

Most of the time, it's not because your latissimus dorsi doesn't look good, it's because the rotator cuff and upper back muscles tend to be weak.

Can heavy hard pull be improved? Not necessarily. Can a high number of barbell lifts be improved? Not necessarily. To improve your upper back, look at the problem.

Understand the upper back muscles correctly

Admittedly, the stronger your upper back muscles are, the more weight you can lift in most upper body movements. The upper back is composed of the latissimus dorsi, teres major and minor, rhomboids, deltoids, trapezius, and infraspinatus.

All of these muscles help support the heavier back, and they are key to our sculptural back. In addition, their body muscles have to work as a balanced team when they perform a combination, so any weak link can have a negative effect on overall back performance and even weaken overall upper body strength.

stiff back remedy

1. Shoulder blade retraction

Scapula stability means that the scapula moves freely and provides enough stability to help the shoulder lock in some movements. In this case, the withering or tightening of the shoulder blades is an important function of the shoulder, such as doing squats or bench presses.

Also, make sure your shoulder blades are retracting properly during most upper body movements, which helps increase muscle range, increase tension, and provide a better sense of pumping.

stiff back remedy

However, excessive retraction can also cause pain, so when you're retracting, make sure your shoulder blades are contracting at the same time, and "suck" your shoulder blades into your body by contracting your back muscles and your serratus anterior (on the outside of your ribs).

Before choosing the weight to use, aim for optimal muscle contraction by maintaining as much tension as possible and then maintaining optimal contraction for as long as possible. This will give you a better understanding of how your shoulder muscles work and react to different movements.

stiff back remedy

Change the grip

The way you grip affects the muscles you exercise and the choice of muscles to assist, so changing your grip will promote muscle activity and muscle growth.

The forward and reverse grip are the position of your hand during the movement — by changing this, you can aim at the muscle and practice stimulating its movements. The back grip is more isolated than the front grip and targets your biceps as a secondary muscle, while the front grip trains more muscle fibers and creates a better level of severe stimulation to the back muscles, mainly latissimus dorsi and teres major.

stiff back remedy

Changing your grip occasionally will allow you to work different muscles and increase the force applied to them, helping you build a bigger and stronger upper back.

In many cases, making small adjustments to your grip will change the whole movement, allowing you to work on muscles you hadn't previously noticed.

stiff back remedy

Angle of 3.

Just as changing your grip can change muscle engagement, changing the Angle of your grip is important to maximize muscle growth (needless to say, changing your grip can also affect the Angle at which your muscles are working).

For example, the trapezius is the second largest muscle in the upper back and needs to be trained from two major angles to fully work its upper, middle and lower parts. The first is a shoulder shrug, the shoulder blades up, and the second is a back and down.

stiff back remedy

In back work, all exercises can be tweaked to ensure different muscle fibers are available – for example, a lower level rope row can be used to better reach the lower rhomboids and trapezius, while a higher level rope row focuses on the upper trapezius.

stiff back remedy

4. Pay attention

If a movement is done perfectly, the muscles it builds will naturally show their best shape, while the psychological focus on muscle building seems like a myth. In fact, studies have shown that psychological factors have an effect on how the nerves control muscles during resistance training.

In other words, the work of a muscle is ultimately controlled by the brain, which "communicates" with the muscle by releasing a chemical neurochemical that causes the muscle to contract. So, the more you improve this communication, the better you can control your muscle fibers, and you end up with better quality muscle contractions and better practice.

stiff back remedy

Focusing on the target muscle will cause it to contract more actively, especially when doing a one-arm dumbbell row. Try it next time you go to the gym and see how it affects your performance.

Similarly experienced old musculars focus on maintaining good form when doing a heavy dumbbell row, and concentrate on fully contracting the target muscle when doing a light dumbbell row.

stiff back remedy

The intensity of 5.

To accelerate muscle growth, you need to increase the pressure on your muscles by increasing the intensity of your upper back exercises.

A good way to do this is to improve the quality of your training by increasing or decreasing the number of practice groups and times in a pyramid. A technique based on the inverse relationship between weight and quantity allows you to target muscles in an optimal combination of high-frequency, medium-frequency, and low-frequency exercises.

stiff back remedy

For example, when using barbells to row, you can use this method, starting with a lighter weight, then gradually increasing the amount of weight you use and decreasing the number of movements over time (increasing the pyramid).

Or start with a heavier weight and gradually decrease the amount of weight you use and increase the number of movements over time (decreasing the pyramid).

stiff back remedy

6. Take time off

Resting time between muscle groups is another key factor in stimulating maximum muscle growth. If you want to do more groups with the same weight and make the most of your training time, it's important to rest your body between groups.

For example, some participants took too short a break between groups during hard pulling, while the other half tended to take a mechanical break until someone asked them if the equipment was running out. If you don't get enough rest, fatigue can become a limiting factor and reduce the effectiveness of your workouts.

stiff back remedy

Be careful when doing heavy, hard pulls. From a neuromuscular point of view, short breaks are advantageous because they allow you to focus on the nerve stimulation you gained from the previous set of movements.

But how short is it? Studies have shown that resting for more than five minutes between groups of heavy weight training is better, and that resting for more than five minutes almost completely loses muscle growth stimulation, and can't even move on to the next group.

stiff back remedy

The upper back is a complex muscle group that can be easily injured if you don't pay attention. Considering the importance of the upper back, the above 6 techniques should be combined with our actual training to correct our muscle power. Upper back strength and stability, avoiding shoulder injuries and improving your back is one of the best things you can do, however, every detail needs to be controlled for good inverted triangle posture.

stiff back remedy

3 months of transformation stunts, is to let your back perfect evolution, all the training is not for training, we need to work out the results in the gym, more is to learn to control your movements, control your muscles. Then it's your back's turn for the next three months.

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relief for back pain in – A new iPhone concept revealed: is the back a surprise or just running out of ideas? | pain at base of back, lower back strain

The back of the design was also released, that is, the "bath-master" design, which was not well received last year. Even huawei's mate series was ridiculed at the beginning. But apple's iphone is a little different, and given that the iphone has always been so influential, perhaps this design will come as a surprise.

stop back pain

But then again, similar designs have been introduced, so by the time the concept came to light, was apple's iphone running out of ideas? After all, iphone innovation has been weak for two years. Of course, the above information is only exposed, and has no credibility, so let's look forward to the official information. So the question is, what do you think of this set of concept maps based on the exposure information? Welcome to reply for discussion.

stop back pain

[disclaimer: this article is exclusively original by the author of "the smart phone thing", welcome to share, comment, collect, forward, without permission to prohibit plagiarism, violators will be held responsible for copyright infringement, pictures are from the network, if there is infringement, please contact the author, thank you for cooperation!

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relief for back pain in – Can you give birth painlessly with tattoos on your back? | lower back cramps, pain at base of back

Even partially pregnant mothers

They try it on their bellies, their waists, their arms

With a special design,

The pregnancy experience seems "new".

ways to relieve back pain


Don't move!

ways to relieve back pain


The anesthesiologist said he was worried!

Because, they think

"Risks of spinal anesthesia in women with lower back tattoos"

ways to relieve back pain

Related research literature

ways to relieve back pain

With tattoos,

Can I get this anesthesia or not?

Dr. Yang Chen, department of anesthesiology, obstetrics and gynecology hospital of fudan university

Let's talk about it

ways to relieve back pain

Maternal tattoo can affect anesthesia?

Tattoos on the arms, ankles, thighs and other parts of the body do not pose a risk.

ways to relieve back pain

But when it shows up in the lower back, anesthesiologists begin to wonder: is there a risk?

Because the mother whether choose "painless delivery", or cesarean section, all inThe small of the backSpinal anesthesia was performed.

Maternal spinal anesthesia is performed like this

ways to relieve back pain

In other words,

The needle is inserted through the skin of the waist!


If the mother's waist is like this

ways to relieve back pain



ways to relieve back pain

The rich pigment in tattoos,

May have an effect on anesthesia!

Danger! Tattoo pigment can be brought into the body

Recent animal studies have found histologic changes in the meninges of rabbits that mimic anesthesia through tattooed skin.

The potential hazards of tattoo paint

Tattoo pigments contain a variety of allergenic substances, such as cadmium sulfide (yellow dye), iron oxide (brown dye), cobalt aluminate (blue dye), mercury sulfide (red dye), chromium oxide (green dye), magnesium (lavender dye), and carbon (black dye). Metal salts in tattoo pigments can cause granulomatous reactions and allergic contact dermatitis. Some studies have linked permanent red dyes to moss-like reactions and pseudolymphomas.

While there is no evidence that human tattoo pigments cause neurological complications,However, during an "injection" of spinal anesthesia, pieces of skin containing pigment can become trapped in a hollow pinhole and can be carried into the epidural or cerebrospinal fluid, causing harm to the human body.

For this reason, anesthesiologists also take measures to reduce the risk:

,For example, recent (<2 weeks) new tattoo parts should avoid anesthesia;

,From the technical level, puncture through tattooed skin is avoided as far as possible through different vertebral Spaces and different approaches.

,Try to choose small needles and so on.

You'd better not get a tattoo before the operation

No amount of action will be enough to stem the risk at its source. In fact, not only mothers, but many patients also need spinal anesthesia. And it's not just the waist that's at risk, it's the chest.

Therefore, patients who need spinal anesthesia are advised not to have tattoos, especially in the spinal area.

If you already have a "unique mark" that needs surgery, don't be too nervous. Consult your anesthesiologist at the anesthesiologist's office to evaluate it and choose a safer option.

Write | Jody

Editor | li miaoran

Outpatient service introduction

< / p > < p > red house hospital anesthesia specialist outpatient service has been opened, welcome to have questions about expectant mothers to consult yo ~ senior attending doctor and deputy director of the doctor to sit, solve the doubts of expectant mothers

Yangpu campus:Monday through Friday, 08:00-11:30 a.m

Huangpu district:Monday through Thursday, 13:30-16:30 p.m

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relief for back pain in – Feeling like your back muscles are too small? To get bigger, you need to master these 2 moves | lower back cramps, pain at base of back

For example, one of the problems many of us muscle gainers have is that we feel like our back muscles are too small and we want to work harder but can't find the right way to do it.

In response to this question, I would like to say that if we want to strengthen our back muscles, we need to do some very important exercises well during back training.

For example, if we can do these two back exercises well, they will bring us good back training effect to a large extent, so as to help ourselves to train back muscles.

Then, small make up I will give you this 2 back exercises, I hope to help you, and let you can better their back muscle training.

One, lower your straight arm

In my opinion, if you want to train the back muscles, then the straight arm press is almost a, we have to learn, and master one of the training movements.

However, we have a lot of friends, in the back training process, will probably ignore the straight arm press, that is, not in the back training, to do the straight arm press.

lower back exercises

Generally speaking, at the beginning of back muscle training, if we arrange the straight arm press movement in the first training movement, we can activate our back muscles to a large extent, so that we can have a better back training effect in the following back training process.

And if we put the straight arm down in the last movement of the back practice, then we can to some extent, let our back muscles to be more fully trained.

That is to say, when we do the straight arm press, we need to arrange this movement in the first movement of back practice, or arrange the last movement of back practice, so that to some extent, we can have a better back practice effect, so that we can better train the back muscle.

lower back exercises

Two, barbell row

In small make up my idea, barbell rowing is one of the exercises we must do in the process of back training, especially if you want to back muscle training, and practice thick, then more need to do barbell rowing.

When we do barbell rowing, we need to pay attention to a lot of problems, first of all, that is in the process of doing the movement, must let their body straight, second, need to let their body as far as possible to forward, can let the back muscles by better stimulation.

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relief for back pain in – To train your back, introduce 3 warm-up moves to increase your back's sense of power | lower back cramps, pain at base of back

There are a lot of people who can't feel their back when they're practicing their back. In the case of back exercises, the flexibility of the joints determines the results to a large extent. By warming up, we can improve the flexibility of the joints and help us work the back muscles better.

Our inability to feel our back is largely due to inadequate or inadequate warm-up preparations. A lot of people who work out just jog a few laps or do some joint work beforehand, but this is not going to help us warm up the joints completely. It's not going to work out very well, so our back muscles work very poorly.

lower back exercises

Here are three exercises to help you move your joints, feel the power of your back, and get the most out of your workout.

1. Make shoulder loops

The flexibility of the shoulder joint can determine how well we exercise our upper limbs. If the shoulder joint is not flexible, then our upper body exercise program is difficult to carry out properly. So, when doing back exercises, we must do shoulder warm-up first. The shoulder joints are warmed up to the greatest extent by going around in a circle, which is usually done with a stick and involves swinging your hands back and forth from side to side.

Shrugging your shoulders is the act of doing something on the horizontal bar, which puts a lot of pressure on your body. The shoulder blade is subjected to the pressure of its own weight, will move a lot, can fully stimulate the joint vitality.

lower back exercises

The slung shoulder is used as a warm-up for the pull-up, which helps open up the shoulder joints and make it easier and safer to do the pull-up.

3. Single-arm rowing

For beginners, it's very difficult to clamp the back, which means the back muscles are weak.

For people who lack back muscles, we can build them up with certain movements, such as rowing with one arm. This will increase blood flow to your back and thicken it.

lower back exercises

You don't have to warm up too many times to get your muscles moving.

This article by the spring fitness original, welcome to pay attention to, take you with long knowledge!

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