sore vertebrae lower back – Neck pain, stiff stiff neck? This pillow can straighten the spine!

Cervical vertebra is curved, whole person posture becomes ugly

As the saying goes, nine out of ten people have spinal problems. Because the problem is so common, most people think it's a normal glitch.

However, cervical spine problems once serious is also a lot of people can not imagine the terrible.

In the earlyLike most people, shoulders and neck appearAcid bilges,Stiff painfulAnd occasionallyNeck stiffness;

Mid –The curvature of the cervical spine causes compression of the blood vessels and nerves to begin to appearnumbness,Dizzy and sick,Giddy tinnitusThe symptom such as;

In the lateSome people doUrine lossThe forbidden, evenQuadriplegia, breathing pain;

It's more serious laterAt this point, the cervical spine straightens into a back arch, the lower limbs become weak,Muscle atrophy.

sore back muscle relief

Do not feel this is in alarmist, because a lot of people do not attach importance to cervical vertebra problem at the beginning, to later period already neededSurgery is the answer.

Your cervical vertebra problem is about to begin to take seriously to rise from now!!!

sore back muscle relief

How many kilograms is your neck bearing?

Small make up is to listen to colleagues about the seriousness of the matter, panic colleagues to small make up the recommendationGrandpa cheng's cervical spine relief pillowBy simply lying down, the sore neck will gradually return to normal.

sore back muscle relief

Happy to take home a trial period of time, these days foundNeck soreness has really gone down a lotI feel more energetic when I write

Bone-setting and chiropractic works inherited in 69 years

Lie down 8 minutes in the morning and evening to restore healthy cervical vertebra

The inventor of the cervical spine soothing pillow is grandpa cheng, said to be scattered in the folkBone-setting and bone-setting master. In the bone-setting and chiropractic industryIn 69,.

sore back muscle relief

And this cervical vertebra relieves the backrest, also is precisely cheng grandfather after 69 years of time, developed together with his students disciples inheritance work.

The chiropractic methods that we have seen before are all enforced braces like the one on the back.

Grandpa cheng's cervical spine soothing pillow completely abandoned the mechanical correction, and adoptedYour own weight naturally traction cervical spine, sharing the cervical spine support burden, so as to achieve cervical correction.

sore back muscle relief

This method is more comfortable to correct, and can makeUnblocked vertebral arteryTo promote blood supply to the brain and avoid excessive pressure on the nerves from the head to the cervical vertebra.

Spatial pressure supports the weight of the head and stretches the neck in a fixed state,Ease shoulder and neck load,Eliminate so-called "soreness".

Correction doesn't take time, justLie down for eight minutes in the morning and eight minutes in the eveningYou can stay relaxed throughout the day.

Five functions

Solve cervical vertebra distress

Restore physical curvature of shoulder and neck

sore back muscle relief

By natural traction to enlarge the neck space,Effectively relieve joint stenosis, joint capsule and ligament calcificationWait for a problem.

You can lie downShoulder and neck return to normal curve, can also improve the lack of blood supply, relieve cervical discomfort and other symptoms.

Correct overstraightening of vertebral sequence

Some people's vertebral bodies are tilted forward too much, which will cause a lot of inconvenience in daily life. For example, they often feel neck pain and cannot lift their head.

Grandpa cheng cervical vertebra pillow can correct vertebra sequence, restore the space of interspace, let cervical vertebra no longer suffer compression.

sore back muscle relief

Cervical spine straight, even the height also followed back ~

Reduction of hyperplasia to control atrophy

Reduce the friction between vertebrae, make the force balance, inhibit the growth rate.

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Relieve compression of nerve vessels

Increase the gap to eliminate the compression of nerve and blood vessels, stimulate the normal circulation of qi and blood,The acid and numbness are gone.

sore back muscle relief

Restore natural health

Restore natural physiological curvature, nutrition and moisture into the vertebral body. Cervical vertebra is normal.Every day is full of vitality~

sore back muscle relief

Accessories precision, professional attitude

Eight gears, free and flexible combination

Grandfather cheng's cervical vertebra relief pillow, built-in Japanese seiko IC, the United States Texas instruments microcontroller IC.Intelligent upgrade, slow upgrade.

The 18 sets of accessories inside look like Jane instead of Jane. Each set of accessories is full of medical significance.

69 concentrated professional essence, cervical vertebra problem never treat as a joke.

sore back muscle relief

Join the neck regionFar-infrared composite fiber,10 minutes time preheat temperatureTo relieve neck stiffness and pain.

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Three heat selection,Automatic shutdown stops when time comes. Flexible combination of eight gears, pressure difference from weak to strong.

sore back muscle relief

You can choose the most suitable gear according to your degree of shoulder and neck pain.Natural comfort and tractionFor the best.

sore back muscle relief

Gear adjustment method is also very simple, just a little move can be.

sore back muscle relief

Base of 100 dense line segments, so that pillow tightly grasp the ground, useNo slippageThe phenomenon.

sore back muscle relief

At the same time has two national invention patents, can be assured to buy use.

sore back muscle relief

Lie down for a few minutes before going to bed every night. Because the intervertebral space is opened, blood flows smoothlyeasilyGo to sleep.

sore back muscle relief

Use it twice in the morning and twice in the eveningWill make you feel comfortable and natural.

sore back muscle relief

Should be tall and erect youth and prime years, but the shape of a bent old man,Cervical spine problems are urgent.

Not only can you use it, buy it and give itParents and elderly people with severe cervical pain, is a manifestation of filial piety.

sore back muscle relief

As the New Year approaches, it is not expensive to take home such a gift, but it is enough.

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