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Bad spine can cause dozens of diseases, no joke! In addition to specific organs of the human body, all by the spinal cord nerve innervation, once the spinal cord nervous system compression is easy to cause lesions.

Stroke, headache, dizziness, insomnia, memory loss, shoulder and neck pain, upper limb acid numbness, cold, etc.

If we have problems with the upper cervical spine, cervical dislocation can cause compression of the vertebral artery, leading to a lack of blood supply to the brain, making the brain hypoxia. Cause dizziness, headache, insomnia and other symptoms.

Lack of blood supply to the brain is very likely to cause stroke, many people think that the elderly function degradation so memory decline, is actually related to cervical spondylosis.

Cervical vertebra above is cervical plexus nerve, below is brachial plexus nerve, it tube shoulder, elbow, arm and finger, once the lower cervical vertebra has a problem, can cause such as periarthritis of shoulder, 50 shoulders.

Paralysis, backache, lumbar muscle strain, dysmenorrhea, uterine fibroids, ovarian cysts, infertility, lumbar disc herniation, menopausal syndrome, endocrine disorders, etc.

Women should pay particular attention to the autonomic nerves in the lower lumbar nerves of the lumbar spine, which supply the uterus, ovaries, bladder and anus. When the lumbar spine has a problem, it can easily cause dysmenorrhea in young women.

Chinese medicine reminds: sterility also concerns with lumbar vertebra, because the nerve of lower lumbar vertebra can tube to uterus ovarian, uterine ovarian function is bad, ovulation can have a problem. Male compatriots mainly reflected in the lack of sperm ability, easy to cause infertility.

Chest stuffy short, vulnerable to wind chill, fatigue, indigestion, poor blood sugar control, etc.

The thoracic vertebra nerve runs along our costal shoulders to the anterior chest, and the muscular part of it affects breast development. Its internal organs run from the top down to the heart, lungs, liver, stomach, gallbladder, pancreas, and other important organs in the thoracic vertebra.

Lower cervical vertebra follows thoracic vertebra this paragraph, tube arrives bronchi, the person that this paragraph has a problem, cause bronchitis very easily, cold.

The nerve tube of the lower thoracic vertebra goes to the pancreas, and the nerve of the lower thoracic vertebra is compressed, resulting in poor pancreatic function, poor insulin secretion and poor blood glucose control.

my lower spine hurts

In general, the following are the main causes of spondylosis:

1. Incorrect postureSuch as: sitting, standing, lying, and for a long time in the same position at the desk or other work;

2. Unreasonable bedding will cause excessive tension of ligaments and muscles, strain, disc herniation, and dysfunction of small joints;

3. The invasion of wind chill and humidity affects local blood circulation and accelerates tissue degeneration;

4, trauma will make the condition worse, chronic injuries gradually cause aggravation of the disease;

5. Psychological factors and poor general health may cause or aggravate the symptoms of spondylosis;

6. Genetic factors: about 1% of patients with spondylosis are hereditary;

7. Occupational factors: dancers, long-distance drivers, welders, office workers and people who work for a long time.

Most people's spinal problems are caused by improper habits or posture in daily life. Check out the correct posture:

Killer posture:hunchback

Hazard:After bending, it greatly increases the pressure on the lumbar vertebra.

Causes:Sitting for long periods of time causes fatigue in the stability muscles. There is no support in front, but there is a back of the chair, and leaning forward is more difficult than leaning backward. Therefore, the pelvis leans back to relax the stability muscles, and the waist bends. The eyes need to look straight, the head is raised, the cervical spine will bend.

Solutions:Sit behind the chair as far as possible buttocks, increase lumbar support. Get up and stretch regularly.

Killer posture:Half lying and sitting

my lower spine hurts

Hazard:Severe compression of lumbar disc, obstructing the natural curvature of the spine, easy to cause hunchback.

Causes:The seat such as sofa is too wide, buttock sits in the end, sit for a long time do not have back of a chair to support easy make muscle fatigue, the person can rely on in the back for relaxing, the waist is suspended without support, pressure is all on lumbar intervertebral disc.

Solutions:Sit to the end, allowing the back of the chair to provide lumbar support. If you can't sit to the end, change seats or give lumbar support in the air.

Killer posture:Your legs

my lower spine hurts

Hazard:Causes pelvic skew, lumbar kyphosis, scoliosis, cervical vertebra kyphosis.

Causes:Sitting pelvis backward, thigh open is not beautiful or unstable when you will want to cross the legs, this will make the pelvis more backward, lumbar kyphosis, cervical vertebra convex.

Solution: sit upright.

my lower spine hurts

In fact, the prevention of spinal disease, mainly to change the bad habits of life, more exercise, do not sit. The following back rolling exercises are mainly used to massage the spine and relax the spine for prevention.

Depending on each person's physical condition, there are physical differences, too old, bad health do not do this movement. WeChat public platform: spinal health alliance

Roll back action one

my lower spine hurts

And leg bend the knees to sit on the ground, two hands embrace crus, close abdomen arch back, the body in the back from tail vertebra, lumbar touch the ground one by one. Just begin foot need not cross a head, after doing a few more, inspect body condition again and decide, roll to thoracic vertebra, cervical vertebra, tiptoe is on, double foot crosses a head gradually, foot hits straight tiptoe to land.

Back roll two

my lower spine hurts

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