lumbar spine – The conservative treatment of lumbar disc herniation, guarantee you understand at a glance

Stay in bed for 3-7 days, depending on your level of pain. The principle is that in bed can be flexible turn, no obvious pain, can try to maintain the upright position under the protection of the apron, just restored to the upright, the time should not be too long, from 30 minutes, gradually lengthen, midway if feel pain aggravation, restore lying position at any time. An apron is a supplement to bed rest, not a substitute for it. After the restoration of upright, can wear aprons for another 5-7 days.

Second, symptomatic pain relief

Generally speaking, the pain degree of lumbar disc herniation is more severe, patients can not insist on work and sit for a long time. When lying down is still very painful, affecting sleep, you need to use painkillers. Painkillers are mainly first-line non-steroidal drugs, such as ibuprofen sustained-release capsules and diclofenac sodium controlled-release tablets.

When first-line pain relievers do not meet treatment needs, upgrade to second-line and third-line pain relievers. Second or third line analgesic drugs are all specialist drugs and must be used under the advice and supervision of specialist doctors.

lumbar spine

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Still can cooperate to use the traditional Chinese medicine of huoxue acerbic kind, auxiliary acerbic, can rise to reduce the dosage of nonsteroidal painkiller and gastrointestinal tract side effect. In the event of gastrointestinal side effects or existing diseases such as gastric ulcer gastritis, painkillers that do not irritate the gastric mucosa, such as celecoxib, should be used. Use time about a week.

Repair nerves

Lumbar disc herniation, can compress stimulation nerve more, bring about radiative ache to lower limbs. To protect and repair nerves, patients can use oral and injectable forms of vitamin b12. The preferred oral dosage form is adequate for most patients.

If, lower extremity radiation pain is more serious may use the injection dosage form. But consider whether it contradicts bed rest. Lumbago patients, mainly in bed. For patients with leg pain predominance, the type of injection using vitamin b12 can be considered as a primary factor.

Four, waist muscle exercise

Is mainly refers to the rear of the spine of lumbar muscles, it also make stretch (back) after spinal muscle, exercise, the prone position, both hands to the sides, legs straight, head back, forcibly push hands after stretch at the same time, the maximum position slightly stick to 3 seconds, according to individual strength can take into consideration the increase or decrease in time, and then a slow recovery in situ, such as time, require up to 30 times a day, physical strength can reach 60 times. The action speed should be slow, the range should be as large as possible; Inhale as you lift, exhale as you recover.

lumbar spine

Remember: lumbar muscle muscle strength exercises the method that strengthens spinal column stability, not be the measure that treats lumbago, when lumbago cannot practice, wait for lumbago to recover to begin again, the proposal insists for a long time, the longer the effect is better. After two months, add 30 sit-ups a day to strengthen the muscles in front of your spine.

lumbar spine

Above a few points, the friend of backache can use appropriately, but everybody specific case cannot be identical after all, when you are not sure oneself, can seek advice on the net to me, or outpatient service seeks advice.

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