lumbar spine – Lumbar disc herniation patients have what need to pay attention to

1. Pay attention to your diet

Vitamin e has the effect of dilating blood vessels, promoting blood circulation and eliminating muscle tension, as well as relieving painful symptoms of lumbar disc herniation. The food that contains vitamin e much in daily life has eel, soybean, peanut, sesame, almond to wait. Protein is an indispensable nutrient for the formation of muscles and ligaments. The food that contains protein much in daily life has pork, chicken, beef, liver, fish, egg, legume and bean products to wait.

2. Avoid prolonged fixation

To be engaged in the person of sitting job for a long time, cause lumbar fatigue easily. Office gens can take out the time of a few minutes in busy working time, stand up below activity, twist twist waist, do stretch motion, alleviate next lumbar muscle. At present, the number of private cars in China is increasing, car owners should constantly adjust their sitting posture while driving, so that they are in a comfortable state, especially the back of the chair to resist their waist, so that the waist muscle support, blood circulation around the body.

3, timely activities waist

Attention should be paid to the strength exercise of lumbar muscles and abdominal muscles, lumbar, abdominal muscle strength, the stability of the lumbar spine is good, can play a role in protecting the lumbar spine, slow down the process of spinal degeneration. At the same time with the loose arm, waist, pitching and other activities, to achieve a strong waist fitness role.

4, waist force to be correct

In moving, lifting heavy objects, should be two feet as wide as shoulder, knees, abdominal muscle force, and then move the object. At this point the thigh and calf muscles at the same time, the distribution of the waist force. If in knee joint unbend state, take weight from the ground, the pressure that the waist bears can increase 40%, extremely easy injury lumbar ligament, muscle and intervertebral disc. Reason cannot bend over when carrying objects, and answer bend one's knees, want to maintain the curve when lumbar normal upright position, avoid force to be concentrated in lumbar. If the object is too heavy, do not force it.

The above is about lumbar disc herniation love to introduce some nursing knowledge, is really worth our patients to learn and reference, this disease will cause very serious consequences due to improper treatment, so we must not neglect, especially in life to pay more attention to the diet.

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