back pain pregnancy – Pregnancy back pain, don't be agitated! Pregnant mother try these 10 ways to alleviate!

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During pregnancy, especially to the middle and later stages of pregnancy, pregnant mother's belly is getting bigger and bigger, at this time the body center of gravity will not consciously move forward, in order to protect the balance and need to back. Holding this position for a long time can put too much pressure on the lower back, which all pregnant women experience during pregnancy. Progesterone is a natural progesterone that softens joints in the pelvis, adding to the burden of pregnancy.

Then this kind of pain next to it, pain up is really fidgety, don't be nasty, try the following a few tips, should be helpful to pregnancy relief back pain!

1. Exercise your abs

Start exercising before you become pregnant. Having strong abs will not only help keep your body straight and your back from dimming easily, but will also increase your productivity during labor and give birth to healthy babies.

2, do housework attention posture

While you should be able to do some housework during pregnancy, it is important to pay attention to your posture when moving or when you are trying to reach high places. Putting most of your strength on your legs instead of your back will also reduce back pain and will not put pressure on your abdomen or fetus.

Rest is an effective way to relieve back pain

Relax your feet at rest and raise them as much as possible. When you're sitting, you can put a cushion under your feet, as I did during pregnancy.

If you have to stand for a long time, look for a foot pedal or similar object. Stand with one foot resting on the other and switch your feet from time to time to ensure that the muscles in each leg are fully rested.

Get enough sleep

Improving sleep quality during pregnancy is key. During pregnancy and after having a baby, take care not to make the mattress too soft. If soft, add a board.

5, pregnant mother pay attention to sleeping position

Buy a maternity pillow, or a pillow between your legs and under your stomach. Sleep on your left side, bend your knees, and lie on your side for more comfort.

6. Choose comfortable shoes

High-heeled shoes can put more pressure on the back, and shoes with a slope are a better choice.

7. While sitting down

It's best to choose a sofa or chair with a back to relieve stress.

8, choose hot compress to alleviate, do not sleep with hot compress pad. Prolonged hot compresses may cause burns and even cause bedding to catch fire.

9. Take a hot bath

But the water temperature is not too high, too hot can affect the fetus.

10, can be pregnant support belt

Can help share the gravity of the abdomen, play a certain support role.

If how all cannot alleviate word, aggravate even, will check to the hospital.

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