back pain during pregnancy – Is pregnant lumbar acerbity backache? Mothers-to-be can try this

Many mothers-to-be complain: "why is it so hard to be a woman? Coming menstruation time back ache back pain, pregnant also back ache back pain!" Dear, don't be sad, menstruation and pregnancy are a pain and happiness with the thing! If you feel uncomfortable, think more about your unborn child, think about the greatness of your little life!

Although pregnancy back pain, it is difficult to avoid, but understand its cause, or can use tips to help alleviate pain! Below, we look at the causes of easy back pain during pregnancy first!

Pregnancy back pain, early and late reasons vary!

The backache of pregnant inchoate backache, because estrogen is progesterone action more, general ache is milder.

The lumbar acerbity backache of advanced period of gestation, it is increasingly prominent pregnant abdomen more. In order to maintain her balance, she has to tilt her shoulders and head back. This position can cause excessive lordosis of the spine.

Is pregnant lumbar acerbity backache? Mother-to-be can do this!

1. Avoid standing or sitting for long periods of time.

2. When standing, tilt your pelvis back, lift your upper body, and lower your shoulders slightly back, while avoiding prolonged standing;

3. For expectant mothers who stand for 4-5 hours a day, a belt can be used to achieve good results.

4, when sitting, the back should be comfortable on the back of the chair, the upper body straight, do not sit for a long time without a back chair;

5, when walking, the whole body is relaxed, wear a little heel of shoes, because with the belly bulge, wear flat shoes to walk will be very tired;

6. Adopt curling side horizontal sleeping position and use side pillow. When lying on your back, place pillows under your knees.

7, appropriate exercise waist, abdomen, back and other parts of the muscles, such as pregnant women can do yoga;

8, more sun, ensure adequate intake of calcium, enhance the strength of bones;

9, take a bath, with a little hot water to wash back, can relieve back pain;

10, from the beginning of the fifth month of pregnancy, do any exercise to avoid long time to take lying posture, because it will pressure the mother-to-be abdominal blood vessels, resulting in poor blood circulation.

Housekeeper warm reminder: whether it is early or late pregnancy, pregnant mother should not do heavy work, some simple and easy housework can be appropriate to assume; Ask your family or father-to-be to do the chores, such as lifting heavy objects, standing on high places and carrying heavy bags.

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