back pain during pregnancy – How is pregnant woman lumbar acerbity backache solved?

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Abdominal pain

After fetal 4 months, the speed that grows in mom abdomen is faster than before, uterus also increases gradually subsequently, the ligament around uterus by flabby condition turns into nervous condition originally, a lot of expectant mom can feel a few bellyache. This kind of pain, the site is located in the lower abdomen uterus side or bilateral, presents the pumping pain, the swelling pain and the drop feeling, but usually does not pose the threat to the pregnancy.

Alleviate move: pregnant mammy must maintain sensitive attitude to abdominal pain, but to similar dull pain, need not worry, it is ok to pay attention to rest at ordinary times, had better adopt left lying when resting, can effectively reduce aching feeling. At the same time, avoid long walks and walk in moderation.

In addition to the abdominal pain caused by ligament factors around the uterus, or normal fetal movement, contraction and abdominal pain caused by pregnancy, a lot of abdominal pain is the sign of abnormal circumstances, so once beyond the normal indicators, expectant mother will be careful.

Waist sour backache

This is because after pregnancy, as the uterus continues to increase, the body center of gravity forward, mother-to-be whether standing or walking, can not help but take the "head up" posture, to maintain the center of gravity balance. This particular posture leads to excessive lordosis of the spine, a long time back will be tired, pain; In addition, this and the mother-to-be hormone level changes in the body, causing ligament relaxation also has a certain relationship. With normal physiological reactions like these, mothers-to-be don't have to panic and scare themselves.

Alleviate move: the best way that counteracts lumbar acid backache is to rest more, had better relax 5 ~ 10 minutes every work 1 hour, control oneself activity amount to be able to bear in physical strength limits, avoid long standing and walk. Also, never try to be brave in front of heavy things. Bending down for long periods of time is also a no-no for expectant mothers. If you have to pick something up yourself, try to keep your upper body upright and squat slowly instead of bending down. Gently massage sore areas, stretch out your arms and take deep breaths, or do prenatal exercises as your doctor tells you.

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