back pain during pregnancy – Is pregnant lumbar acerbity backache? Mothers-to-be can try this

Many mothers-to-be complain: "why is it so hard to be a woman? Coming menstruation time back ache back pain, pregnant also back ache back pain!" Dear, don't be sad, menstruation and pregnancy are a pain and happiness with the thing! If you feel uncomfortable, think more about your unborn child, think about the greatness of your little life!

Although pregnancy back pain, it is difficult to avoid, but understand its cause, or can use tips to help alleviate pain! Below, we look at the causes of easy back pain during pregnancy first!

Pregnancy back pain, early and late reasons vary!

The backache of pregnant inchoate backache, because estrogen is progesterone action more, general ache is milder.

The lumbar acerbity backache of advanced period of gestation, it is increasingly prominent pregnant abdomen more. In order to maintain her balance, she has to tilt her shoulders and head back. This position can cause excessive lordosis of the spine.

Is pregnant lumbar acerbity backache? Mother-to-be can do this!

1. Avoid standing or sitting for long periods of time.

2. When standing, tilt your pelvis back, lift your upper body, and lower your shoulders slightly back, while avoiding prolonged standing;

3. For expectant mothers who stand for 4-5 hours a day, a belt can be used to achieve good results.

4, when sitting, the back should be comfortable on the back of the chair, the upper body straight, do not sit for a long time without a back chair;

5, when walking, the whole body is relaxed, wear a little heel of shoes, because with the belly bulge, wear flat shoes to walk will be very tired;

6. Adopt curling side horizontal sleeping position and use side pillow. When lying on your back, place pillows under your knees.

7, appropriate exercise waist, abdomen, back and other parts of the muscles, such as pregnant women can do yoga;

8, more sun, ensure adequate intake of calcium, enhance the strength of bones;

9, take a bath, with a little hot water to wash back, can relieve back pain;

10, from the beginning of the fifth month of pregnancy, do any exercise to avoid long time to take lying posture, because it will pressure the mother-to-be abdominal blood vessels, resulting in poor blood circulation.

Housekeeper warm reminder: whether it is early or late pregnancy, pregnant mother should not do heavy work, some simple and easy housework can be appropriate to assume; Ask your family or father-to-be to do the chores, such as lifting heavy objects, standing on high places and carrying heavy bags.

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back pain during pregnancy – How is pregnant woman lumbar acerbity backache solved?

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Abdominal pain

After fetal 4 months, the speed that grows in mom abdomen is faster than before, uterus also increases gradually subsequently, the ligament around uterus by flabby condition turns into nervous condition originally, a lot of expectant mom can feel a few bellyache. This kind of pain, the site is located in the lower abdomen uterus side or bilateral, presents the pumping pain, the swelling pain and the drop feeling, but usually does not pose the threat to the pregnancy.

Alleviate move: pregnant mammy must maintain sensitive attitude to abdominal pain, but to similar dull pain, need not worry, it is ok to pay attention to rest at ordinary times, had better adopt left lying when resting, can effectively reduce aching feeling. At the same time, avoid long walks and walk in moderation.

In addition to the abdominal pain caused by ligament factors around the uterus, or normal fetal movement, contraction and abdominal pain caused by pregnancy, a lot of abdominal pain is the sign of abnormal circumstances, so once beyond the normal indicators, expectant mother will be careful.

Waist sour backache

This is because after pregnancy, as the uterus continues to increase, the body center of gravity forward, mother-to-be whether standing or walking, can not help but take the "head up" posture, to maintain the center of gravity balance. This particular posture leads to excessive lordosis of the spine, a long time back will be tired, pain; In addition, this and the mother-to-be hormone level changes in the body, causing ligament relaxation also has a certain relationship. With normal physiological reactions like these, mothers-to-be don't have to panic and scare themselves.

Alleviate move: the best way that counteracts lumbar acid backache is to rest more, had better relax 5 ~ 10 minutes every work 1 hour, control oneself activity amount to be able to bear in physical strength limits, avoid long standing and walk. Also, never try to be brave in front of heavy things. Bending down for long periods of time is also a no-no for expectant mothers. If you have to pick something up yourself, try to keep your upper body upright and squat slowly instead of bending down. Gently massage sore areas, stretch out your arms and take deep breaths, or do prenatal exercises as your doctor tells you.

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sore vertebrae lower back – Neck pain, stiff stiff neck? This pillow can straighten the spine!

Cervical vertebra is curved, whole person posture becomes ugly

As the saying goes, nine out of ten people have spinal problems. Because the problem is so common, most people think it's a normal glitch.

However, cervical spine problems once serious is also a lot of people can not imagine the terrible.

In the earlyLike most people, shoulders and neck appearAcid bilges,Stiff painfulAnd occasionallyNeck stiffness;

Mid –The curvature of the cervical spine causes compression of the blood vessels and nerves to begin to appearnumbness,Dizzy and sick,Giddy tinnitusThe symptom such as;

In the lateSome people doUrine lossThe forbidden, evenQuadriplegia, breathing pain;

It's more serious laterAt this point, the cervical spine straightens into a back arch, the lower limbs become weak,Muscle atrophy.

sore back muscle relief

Do not feel this is in alarmist, because a lot of people do not attach importance to cervical vertebra problem at the beginning, to later period already neededSurgery is the answer.

Your cervical vertebra problem is about to begin to take seriously to rise from now!!!

sore back muscle relief

How many kilograms is your neck bearing?

Small make up is to listen to colleagues about the seriousness of the matter, panic colleagues to small make up the recommendationGrandpa cheng's cervical spine relief pillowBy simply lying down, the sore neck will gradually return to normal.

sore back muscle relief

Happy to take home a trial period of time, these days foundNeck soreness has really gone down a lotI feel more energetic when I write

Bone-setting and chiropractic works inherited in 69 years

Lie down 8 minutes in the morning and evening to restore healthy cervical vertebra

The inventor of the cervical spine soothing pillow is grandpa cheng, said to be scattered in the folkBone-setting and bone-setting master. In the bone-setting and chiropractic industryIn 69,.

sore back muscle relief

And this cervical vertebra relieves the backrest, also is precisely cheng grandfather after 69 years of time, developed together with his students disciples inheritance work.

The chiropractic methods that we have seen before are all enforced braces like the one on the back.

Grandpa cheng's cervical spine soothing pillow completely abandoned the mechanical correction, and adoptedYour own weight naturally traction cervical spine, sharing the cervical spine support burden, so as to achieve cervical correction.

sore back muscle relief

This method is more comfortable to correct, and can makeUnblocked vertebral arteryTo promote blood supply to the brain and avoid excessive pressure on the nerves from the head to the cervical vertebra.

Spatial pressure supports the weight of the head and stretches the neck in a fixed state,Ease shoulder and neck load,Eliminate so-called "soreness".

Correction doesn't take time, justLie down for eight minutes in the morning and eight minutes in the eveningYou can stay relaxed throughout the day.

Five functions

Solve cervical vertebra distress

Restore physical curvature of shoulder and neck

sore back muscle relief

By natural traction to enlarge the neck space,Effectively relieve joint stenosis, joint capsule and ligament calcificationWait for a problem.

You can lie downShoulder and neck return to normal curve, can also improve the lack of blood supply, relieve cervical discomfort and other symptoms.

Correct overstraightening of vertebral sequence

Some people's vertebral bodies are tilted forward too much, which will cause a lot of inconvenience in daily life. For example, they often feel neck pain and cannot lift their head.

Grandpa cheng cervical vertebra pillow can correct vertebra sequence, restore the space of interspace, let cervical vertebra no longer suffer compression.

sore back muscle relief

Cervical spine straight, even the height also followed back ~

Reduction of hyperplasia to control atrophy

Reduce the friction between vertebrae, make the force balance, inhibit the growth rate.

sore back muscle relief

Relieve compression of nerve vessels

Increase the gap to eliminate the compression of nerve and blood vessels, stimulate the normal circulation of qi and blood,The acid and numbness are gone.

sore back muscle relief

Restore natural health

Restore natural physiological curvature, nutrition and moisture into the vertebral body. Cervical vertebra is normal.Every day is full of vitality~

sore back muscle relief

Accessories precision, professional attitude

Eight gears, free and flexible combination

Grandfather cheng's cervical vertebra relief pillow, built-in Japanese seiko IC, the United States Texas instruments microcontroller IC.Intelligent upgrade, slow upgrade.

The 18 sets of accessories inside look like Jane instead of Jane. Each set of accessories is full of medical significance.

69 concentrated professional essence, cervical vertebra problem never treat as a joke.

sore back muscle relief

Join the neck regionFar-infrared composite fiber,10 minutes time preheat temperatureTo relieve neck stiffness and pain.

sore back muscle relief

Three heat selection,Automatic shutdown stops when time comes. Flexible combination of eight gears, pressure difference from weak to strong.

sore back muscle relief

You can choose the most suitable gear according to your degree of shoulder and neck pain.Natural comfort and tractionFor the best.

sore back muscle relief

Gear adjustment method is also very simple, just a little move can be.

sore back muscle relief

Base of 100 dense line segments, so that pillow tightly grasp the ground, useNo slippageThe phenomenon.

sore back muscle relief

At the same time has two national invention patents, can be assured to buy use.

sore back muscle relief

Lie down for a few minutes before going to bed every night. Because the intervertebral space is opened, blood flows smoothlyeasilyGo to sleep.

sore back muscle relief

Use it twice in the morning and twice in the eveningWill make you feel comfortable and natural.

sore back muscle relief

Should be tall and erect youth and prime years, but the shape of a bent old man,Cervical spine problems are urgent.

Not only can you use it, buy it and give itParents and elderly people with severe cervical pain, is a manifestation of filial piety.

sore back muscle relief

As the New Year approaches, it is not expensive to take home such a gift, but it is enough.

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my lower spine hurts – Vertebra is bad, can you cause what disease? | sore vertebrae lower back

Bad spine can cause dozens of diseases, no joke! In addition to specific organs of the human body, all by the spinal cord nerve innervation, once the spinal cord nervous system compression is easy to cause lesions.

Stroke, headache, dizziness, insomnia, memory loss, shoulder and neck pain, upper limb acid numbness, cold, etc.

If we have problems with the upper cervical spine, cervical dislocation can cause compression of the vertebral artery, leading to a lack of blood supply to the brain, making the brain hypoxia. Cause dizziness, headache, insomnia and other symptoms.

Lack of blood supply to the brain is very likely to cause stroke, many people think that the elderly function degradation so memory decline, is actually related to cervical spondylosis.

Cervical vertebra above is cervical plexus nerve, below is brachial plexus nerve, it tube shoulder, elbow, arm and finger, once the lower cervical vertebra has a problem, can cause such as periarthritis of shoulder, 50 shoulders.

Paralysis, backache, lumbar muscle strain, dysmenorrhea, uterine fibroids, ovarian cysts, infertility, lumbar disc herniation, menopausal syndrome, endocrine disorders, etc.

Women should pay particular attention to the autonomic nerves in the lower lumbar nerves of the lumbar spine, which supply the uterus, ovaries, bladder and anus. When the lumbar spine has a problem, it can easily cause dysmenorrhea in young women.

Chinese medicine reminds: sterility also concerns with lumbar vertebra, because the nerve of lower lumbar vertebra can tube to uterus ovarian, uterine ovarian function is bad, ovulation can have a problem. Male compatriots mainly reflected in the lack of sperm ability, easy to cause infertility.

Chest stuffy short, vulnerable to wind chill, fatigue, indigestion, poor blood sugar control, etc.

The thoracic vertebra nerve runs along our costal shoulders to the anterior chest, and the muscular part of it affects breast development. Its internal organs run from the top down to the heart, lungs, liver, stomach, gallbladder, pancreas, and other important organs in the thoracic vertebra.

Lower cervical vertebra follows thoracic vertebra this paragraph, tube arrives bronchi, the person that this paragraph has a problem, cause bronchitis very easily, cold.

The nerve tube of the lower thoracic vertebra goes to the pancreas, and the nerve of the lower thoracic vertebra is compressed, resulting in poor pancreatic function, poor insulin secretion and poor blood glucose control.

my lower spine hurts

In general, the following are the main causes of spondylosis:

1. Incorrect postureSuch as: sitting, standing, lying, and for a long time in the same position at the desk or other work;

2. Unreasonable bedding will cause excessive tension of ligaments and muscles, strain, disc herniation, and dysfunction of small joints;

3. The invasion of wind chill and humidity affects local blood circulation and accelerates tissue degeneration;

4, trauma will make the condition worse, chronic injuries gradually cause aggravation of the disease;

5. Psychological factors and poor general health may cause or aggravate the symptoms of spondylosis;

6. Genetic factors: about 1% of patients with spondylosis are hereditary;

7. Occupational factors: dancers, long-distance drivers, welders, office workers and people who work for a long time.

Most people's spinal problems are caused by improper habits or posture in daily life. Check out the correct posture:

Killer posture:hunchback

Hazard:After bending, it greatly increases the pressure on the lumbar vertebra.

Causes:Sitting for long periods of time causes fatigue in the stability muscles. There is no support in front, but there is a back of the chair, and leaning forward is more difficult than leaning backward. Therefore, the pelvis leans back to relax the stability muscles, and the waist bends. The eyes need to look straight, the head is raised, the cervical spine will bend.

Solutions:Sit behind the chair as far as possible buttocks, increase lumbar support. Get up and stretch regularly.

Killer posture:Half lying and sitting

my lower spine hurts

Hazard:Severe compression of lumbar disc, obstructing the natural curvature of the spine, easy to cause hunchback.

Causes:The seat such as sofa is too wide, buttock sits in the end, sit for a long time do not have back of a chair to support easy make muscle fatigue, the person can rely on in the back for relaxing, the waist is suspended without support, pressure is all on lumbar intervertebral disc.

Solutions:Sit to the end, allowing the back of the chair to provide lumbar support. If you can't sit to the end, change seats or give lumbar support in the air.

Killer posture:Your legs

my lower spine hurts

Hazard:Causes pelvic skew, lumbar kyphosis, scoliosis, cervical vertebra kyphosis.

Causes:Sitting pelvis backward, thigh open is not beautiful or unstable when you will want to cross the legs, this will make the pelvis more backward, lumbar kyphosis, cervical vertebra convex.

Solution: sit upright.

my lower spine hurts

In fact, the prevention of spinal disease, mainly to change the bad habits of life, more exercise, do not sit. The following back rolling exercises are mainly used to massage the spine and relax the spine for prevention.

Depending on each person's physical condition, there are physical differences, too old, bad health do not do this movement. WeChat public platform: spinal health alliance

Roll back action one

my lower spine hurts

And leg bend the knees to sit on the ground, two hands embrace crus, close abdomen arch back, the body in the back from tail vertebra, lumbar touch the ground one by one. Just begin foot need not cross a head, after doing a few more, inspect body condition again and decide, roll to thoracic vertebra, cervical vertebra, tiptoe is on, double foot crosses a head gradually, foot hits straight tiptoe to land.

Back roll two

my lower spine hurts

If you want to know more about physical health, I suggest you pay attention to princess: shande health management platform

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sharp pain in lower spine – The spinal rehabilitation series that deserves attention is good goods!


sharp pain in lower spine

The American chiropractic technique principle and the operation of the original chiropractic industry influential in the United States, by the American national chiropractic examination committee, as an important reference book of chiropractic practice examination, the translation is at present our country the first American chiropractic technique were introduced from the system of professional books, which shows the mature American gimmick correction technology, and profile control study and the basic theory of biomechanics, also has the operability of the practice show, at the same time, more than 1300 pictures, make the content more clear and intuitive. Content of the book is divided into seven chapters system about the basic knowledge of chiropractic industry, theory and practice skills, including: overview of chiropractic profession, joint anatomy and basic principle of biological force, joint assessment principles and procedures, the principle of correction technology, spinal anatomy, biomechanics, and evaluation and chiropractic techniques, the spinal joint technology, joint mobilization, traction and soft tissue orthopaedic thrust the operating technology.



sharp pain in lower spine

This book is written by the author for the general public, but is still regarded as a guiding book by professional doctors and trainers. This book guides individuals to self-evaluate pain-induced movements, and then guides individuals to avoid pain and establish pain-free motion patterns, and proposes a step-by-step practice plan, so as to guide patients to eventually achieve pain-free life and restore back health. This illustrated book is simple and practical. Not only patients, but also rehabilitation doctors will be impressed by such a systematic and evidence-based approach.


sharp pain in lower spine

This series of books is based on a large number of X-ray, ct, mri image data, with outline of concise text, detailed introduction of clinical imaging manifestations and diagnosis and treatment of various diseases. The introduction of each disease, including the main points, etiology, imaging characteristics, differential diagnosis, pathology, clinical manifestations and treatment, diagnosis experience, etc. Among them, the emphasis is on imaging diagnosis and differential diagnosis of diseases. In the imaging diagnosis part, the characteristics of X-ray plain film, ct, mri, etc. In the differential diagnosis, the imaging diagnosis points and different imaging manifestations of * related diseases easily confused with this disease are given. The book is well illustrated with high technical level and is suitable for radiologists and orthopedic surgeons.


sharp pain in lower spine

This book is a collection of 70 cases of spinal disorders, ranging from routine to challenging. In selecting cases, try to reflect the diversity of spinal issues. This book can be a useful educational tool for surgeons, medical students, residents, and others involved in the diagnosis and treatment of spinal disorders.


sharp pain in lower spine

Rehabilitation medicine quick check series: spine, edited by Andre, published by shandong science and technology press. Rehabilitation medicine quick check series: spine is a quick reference guide for the rehabilitation of common spinal diseases. The idea of this series came from the frustration I encountered when I saw patients with complex conditions in the spine center of my hospital and needed to consult relevant research articles to help evaluate and treat them.


sharp pain in lower spine

Of seven chapters of the book, chapter 1 ~ 3 simple introduced the unarmed * of history and the related theory, and the importance of correct use of the technology, chapter 4 ~ 7 illustrates the spine disease unarmed * method, including the lumbar spine, pelvis, thoracic vertebra, cervical vertebra and the temporomandibular joint dysfunction diseases such as special test, diagnosis and unarmed * technology, and comprehensive interpretation from the perspective of physical * division cure the spinal cord and the related functional anatomy and biomechanics of the disease mechanism of disease and joint loose technology. The book is illustrated and easy to understand. Compared with traditional Chinese medicine works, the anatomy structure is more clear, the theoretical analysis of biomechanics is more thorough, and the practicability is stronger, which has strong clinical guidance significance.

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sharp pain in lower spine – Scoliosis 50 questions (very complete question summary) – scoliosis expert wang yu popular science series

What is neuromuscular scoliosis?

A: neuromuscular scoliosis refers to because of nerve and muscle disease causes the muscle strength of imbalance, especially around the spine muscle asymmetry caused by the lateral bending, the most common causes include small ル paralysis after of spastic paralysis, brain, progressive muscle ling shrinkage, etc. Because the muscle strength of paraspinous muscles is weakened or disappeared in these patients, patients often cannot sit independently, and often need both hands to support the chair to sit.

What are the hazards of scoliosis?

A: mild to moderate scoliosis does not affect visceral or other bodily functions. Only serious lateral, generally at least more than 60 degrees オ will cause chest and abdominal cavity space is significantly reduced, causing heart and lung and stomach bowel, compression and the corresponding function. Cardiopulmonary function in tolerance is reduced, refers to the activities such as as far as you can't walk breath and heartbeat to accelerate, or two or three floors on the walk to have a rest オ can continue to climb stairs. Reduced abdominal space can lead to reduced appetite and, in severe cases, pregnancy.

Does scoliosis develop in adulthood?

A: after adulthood, the side turn over 40 degrees will also develop slowly, with an average annual speed of 1 degree. And in two ages will significantly increase: one is the birth: 1 to 2 years after scoliosis generally does not affect the pregnancy and birth, but pregnancy and birth will aggravate the lateral bending, because during pregnancy can appear toughening 帯 relaxation, moreover after birth, often holding the baby in spinal load increase, the two factors are often result in a lateral curvature of apparent progress; Second, after the age of 60, osteoporosis can weaken the strength of the spine. Under the influence of gravity, the original lateral curvature will become more and more curved. Therefore, patients with lateral curvature of the column should take conscious measures in these two stages, that is, try to hold the child as little as possible after birth, start to supplement calcium after the age of 50, and actively supplement calcium after the age of 60.

How is the degree of scoliosis measured?

Answer: the degree of scoliosis is need to take an X-ray オ energy out. X-rays are usually taken of the full length of the spine and in a standing position. Take a reading on the film after taking the film. The degree that thoracic vertebra bends and waist bend wants to measure separately, get two degrees finally, one is bosom bends, another is waist bends, take the severest degree that the biggest degree represents illness commonly degree. Scoliosis is particularly common in girls with complex risk factors.

Why do you get scoliosis?

Answer: there are many reasons for scoliosis, generally divided into congenital and acquired. Congenital is to point to the abnormal development of the spine in the fetal stage. The critical stages of the embryonic development of spinal cord are the 5th and 6th weeks of gestation, when the spine is segmented. If the fetus in this period by drugs, viruses, physical and chemical factors, easy to appear spinal development. Later natural scoliosis often occurs in adolescence, more than the onset of 10 years old, the cause of the onset of scoliosis in adolescents is still unclear, but generally speaking, it does not simply appear because of the wrong way to sit and sleep or carry a bag. But there are more intrinsic causes, related to developmental abnormalities, neuromuscular imbalances, hormonal disturbances, or impaired balance regulation. There is no way to predict who will have adolescent scoliosis and who won't.

Is scoliosis hereditary?

Whipping: although some patients have a family history of scoliosis, most do not pass scoliosis on to the next generation

sharp pain in lower spine

Is the incidence of scoliosis high?

A: the incidence of scoliosis is not very low, about 3 percent, or 3 in 100 people. What is this concept? So if you go out and you see two hundred people, six of those two hundred people have scoliosis; Or maybe you have 300 kids in your grade, and if you screen them, you can find about 10 scoliosis. But why do we think it's so rare to see someone with a bent spine? This is because although the incidence of scoliosis is not low, as high as 3%, the vast majority are mild. Scoliosis can only be seen in tights when it is more than 30 degrees, and in clothes that are not too tight when it is more than 40 degrees. The incidence of scoliosis above 40 degrees is much lower, about 3 in 1,000.

Is there a difference in incidence of scoliosis between men and women?

Answer: congenital side is curved boy more see, the ratio of male and female is about 4:1. And then natural scoliosis, that is, adolescent idiopathic scoliosis, in which girls are significantly more than boys, especially in patients whose curvature exceeds 40 degrees, girls account for more than 90%.

Why is it so much more common in girls?

A: it's not particularly clear what causes it, and it's still being studied, but it does have a high incidence in girls, which suggests that genes play a role in idiopathic scoliosis.

Discover child vertebra is not straight, how should the parent do?

A: parents should be aware of the possibility of scoliosis if they see a child with shoulder or lower back asymmetry. Take your child to the hospital for an X-ray of the spine to determine whether there is scoliosis. If there is lateral bending, ask your doctor to measure the Angle. Surgical treatment is not considered if the curvature of the spine is less than 40 degrees

If it is scoliosis, how should be treated?

A: generally speaking, a side bend of less than 20 degrees requires only exercise and regular X-ray viewing. 20- to 40-degree bends require exercise and braces. If the temperature is above 40 degrees, surgical correction should be considered.

Hear some hospitals do massage traction wait for conservative treatment, is curative effect reliable?

A: it is not recommended to try yoga, massage, traction or traditional Chinese medicine for scoliosis correction. None of this has any scientific basis. Methods of treating scoliosis, such as traction beds and orthotics, were first seen in Greek medical books a few dry years ago, but after thousands of years of testing, these simple treatment ideas have proved ineffective and have been eliminated. In recent years, a large number of patients have tried and proved to be ineffective. At present, all public third-class a hospitals in China do not do this kind of treatment, which is the reason. Only some small and medium-sized private hospitals still do these treatments, but often only for commercial purposes and the final effect of treatment is very limited. Some small hospitals in Beijing do conservative treatment of scoliosis, which turns out to be deceptive. Some hospitals claim to have more than 20 patents, which are also false propaganda. Even on the Internet to show foreign patients come to see a doctor, in fact, are looking for a few foreigners posed. Hope that patients and parents who have the ability to distinguish will not be fooled again

Don't you need braces under 20 degrees?

Answer: the corrective effect of the brace is proportional to the degree of scoliosis, the greater the degree of the brace, the greater the corrective space. If the degree of degree is less than 20 degrees, the orthodontic effect of the brace is limited, which may limit the child's thoracic development, so it is better to consider the brace treatment after the degree of degree is more than 20 degrees.

If you shoot regularly without braces, how often?

A: if a child is between 10 and 13 years old, it should be taken every 3 months, and every 6 months after the age of 13.

sharp pain in lower spine

If the degree is between 20 and 40 degrees, what is the brace treatment?

Answer: support provides cure to must be made to order by professional technician, do not buy a back to carry on the back simply beautiful, carry on the back beautiful it is to correct habitual hump back, to true spinal column side bends is useless. Braces must be worn for 20-22 hours a day, including when sleeping, and only when bathing or exercising. As the child grows taller, the braces need to be replaced annually. Girls should wear it at least 2 years after menstruation.

What are the attention points of brace therapy?

Answer: after the brace is finished, take a film to see the effect of the brace correction, and wear 1 hour after the film, at this time the effect is the effect of the brace correction, at the same time you can feel whether the brace is appropriate, if you feel uncomfortable, you can ask the technician to adjust. Before some patients reported in other hospitals to do a brace on the wear, also did not take a picture to see the effect. This is a bad situation. If the brace doesn't work well or doesn't work at all, the child will suffer a lot instead of wearing it for a year.

If the film is re-examined every other year, the brace should be removed 4 hours in advance, so as to truly reflect the current degree. Because the degree of rebound will occur after taking off the brace, but the degree of rebound varies from person to person. What we need to review the film is the true degree of rebound.

What does exercise therapy include if it's 20-40 degrees?

A: exercises include bending sideways, flying swallows and swimming. Side bent, suitable for "c" (single bend) side

Curved, if it is the "s" shape is not recommended to do (" s "shape refers to the chest bending and waist bending at the same time). Bend over in the opposite direction of the curvature of the spine to counter scoliosis. Every day 50-100, in 2-3 groups to complete swallow fly, can exercise back muscles, increase soft tissue balance, 50-100 a day, in 2-3 groups to complete. As for swimming, both freestyle and breaststroke are ok, 600-1000 meters per day. Some people also recommend the monkey bars, but it is difficult to stick to them. Girls are not strong enough to do several sets every day, so the effect is hard to be guaranteed.

What types of corrective surgery are there for scoliosis?

A: what we call orthodontic surgery is orthodontic fusion surgery, where you put a metal peg in the body that straightens and maintains the curvature of the spine, which is like a metal brace in the body. Stents alone are not enough. They are inserted with bone grafts, where you place granular bones on the dorsal side of the spine, and these granular bones paratinate and hold the spine in place, just like an electric welding. Therefore, in fact, about half a year after the operation of the metal stent to support the role of the spine, when the maintenance of spine curvature mainly rely on the fusion of granular bone. In addition to corrective and fusion surgery, there are some special types of lateral curvature surgery, including hemivertebra resection, growth rod and navigation minimally invasive surgery.

What is the meaning of hemivertebra excision?

Answer: half vertebra is half vertebra meaning. It is the most common congenital scoliosis. The normal vertebra is symmetrical, while the half vertebra has only the right or left side, and the other side does not grow. Our spine consists of 7 cervical vertebrae, 12 thoracic vertebrae, and 5 lumbar vertebrae, one on one. If one of these segments is not symmetrical to the right or the left then it can affect the whole hemibotomy where you remove this abnormal vertebra, you fix it with a nail rod, you take the nail rod out after 2 to 3 years and you're done.

What does a growth stick mean?

A: growth rods are used for early scoliosis, which is pronounced before age 10. The children before the age of 10 should not correct fusion surgery, because once had corrective fusion surgery, the child's body length is fixed, and the age of the child's body until 18 years of age and growth potential, premature convergence to lose the child's height and due to the lower limbs are still in the growth, adult body and the proportion of lower limb disorders. To solve this problem, doctors developed growth rods. By means of the operation, through 3 three small cut ロ into metal stents, the metal stents can correct the lateral bending, and allow each year to do a small operation to extend it. This buys precious time for the child to receive the final corrective fusion surgery after the age of 12, greatly improving the outcome.

Navigation minimally invasive surgery?

Answer: navigation minimally invasive is to achieve a breakthrough progress in recent years, which is based on the latest navigation equipment, combined with technical innovation, operation only three 5 cm incision can be completed before to 40 cm ロ can オ 売 into operation, suitable for 90 degrees within the acquired scoliosis. Scoliosis was previously considered to be a very invasive and risky procedure. The advent of navigation devices has dramatically changed that. First of all, the big trauma, the big trauma of traditional surgery is that you have to make the spine very blue before you can put a screw in, because traditional surgery relies on anatomical markers and the surgeon's experience. Navigation does not. Navigation screws rely on an intraoperative ct scan, which does not require looking directly at the anatomy of the spine, greatly reducing the incision and injury to the back muscles. And then there's the risk. It used to be thought that spinal surgery was risky because of the concentration of nerves and blood vessels around the spine. The advent of navigation devices has greatly increased the safety of surgery, because the navigation device's screen clearly shows which vessels are which nerves, greatly reducing the risk of damage to vessels and nerves. Therefore, the application of navigation makes scoliosis surgery less harmful and safer. Besides, minimally invasive navigation can also correct cervical scoliosis. Because navigation can place cervical pedicle screws, which was difficult to do before the absence of navigation, cervical scoliosis can also be corrected.

How much correction can scoliosis get through surgery?

A: the degree of correction of scoliosis depends on the flexibility of the scoliosis itself. The more flexible the lateral bend, the greater the degree of correction. Usually the younger the age, the more flexible the better the correction, so the optimal age for scoliosis surgery is 13-15 years old. This age group spine flexibility is good, the correction effect is good, and the body is also close to mature, comprehensive consideration is the most suitable for publicity this age group correction. Young mild to moderate bending 80-90% is not a problem, severe bending, very stiff bending is more difficult, but 50% correction should not be a problem.

What is the optimal age of scoliosis operation?

A: half vertebral body is the best age of 3 to 5 years old, in other words, if the age of three lateral bending is obviously more than 40 degrees can surgery, if at the age of 3 degree is not large, such as オ 10 to 20 degrees, then you can wait a few years, surgery again at 5-6 years of age. After the age of three, you can have surgery. The best age for adolescent idiopathic scoliosis is 13-16 years old, when the bones are nearly mature and soft, which is the best age for correction

What do you need to prepare before scoliosis surgery?

A: current surgical techniques do not require special preparation before surgery. Of course, if you take nutrition supplements and do physical exercise, such as swimming, running or climbing stairs, for a period of time before surgery, it will be beneficial for faster recovery after surgery. Patients with severe scoliosis require spirometry training under the guidance of a physician

When do I need preoperative traction?

Answer: generally more severe side bend need traction, the severe refers to more than 100 degrees, and in addition to the side bend and kyphosis, and very stiff, the doctor party get a correction risk large effect is difficult to guarantee can be traction first. Traction is generally the first basin ring traction. The disadvantages of traction are that it is time consuming, often requires months of traction, and patients suffer. But the advantage is that it's safe and it works.

What is neuromonitoring?

A: neuromonitoring can monitor nerve signals in real time. If there is a trend of nerve damage, it can be detected at the first time, and surgical strategies can be changed as early as possible to avoid permanent nerve damage.

Does corrective fusion require blood transfusion?

Answer: at present, many hospitals have blood transfusion technology and team, unless it is on the baidu side curved orthopedics, otherwise it is not necessary to transfusion other people's blood.

Import spinal column is fixed inside material and homebred material, which is better?

Answer: this problem is not too important, the domestic weigao is very suitable for side bending orthopedics, tools are perfect, accessories are complete, on the contrary, many imported brand screws do not have this advantage

How should treat ache after the operation?

A: currently, the department of anesthesiology has advanced pca technology (patient self-controlled analgesia), which allows patients to control the use of painkillers according to the situation of pain. Under the effect of this technology, patients usually return to normal soon after surgery, greatly reducing the pain feeling after lateral curvature surgery.

How long can you drink water and take food after the operation?

Whipping: scoliosis usually has no effect on diet. Generally 6 after complete anesthesiaYou can eat when you're young.

How long can I get up and walk after the operation?

Answer: generally, you can walk under the support protection for 3-5 days after the operation. You can leave the hospital for 7-10 days after the operation. When you leave the hospital, you can basically take care of yourself.

When can you take a bath after the operation?

A: after the wound heals, you can take a bath, usually about 10 days after the operation. The proposal chooses the means of shower, want to have the protection of the family at the same time, lest fall.

How long can I go to school or work after surgery

Answer: one month after the scoliosis surgery, the left stone, after full recovery of physical strength, under the protection of the brace, can go to work and go to school.

How long can acuteness motion be after spinal column turns an operation?

Answer: half an year can be strenuous exercise after general operation. Because by this time the granulae have healed and the spine has hardened, strenuous exercise will not matter.

Can you bend over after scoliosis operation?

A: it depends on the scope of the operation. If the operation only involves the thoracic vertebra, it has little impact on the bending. Because the normal thoracic vertebra also has no range of motion due to rib fixation, and the thoracic vertebra also has no range of motion after scoliosis surgery, just like normal people. If the operation involves the lumbar spine, it will have a certain impact on bending, but there will be no bending. Because the person bends mainly by the hip joint, only a few rely on the lumbar spine, so even if all five lumbar spine fixed, is still able to bend.

sharp pain in lower spine

If do operation of spinal column scoliosis still can be pregnant?

A: spinal orthopedics generally does not affect pregnancy. On the contrary, scoliosis surgery can also improve trunk field depression, increase pelvic volume, is beneficial to pregnancy, so it is best to do scoliosis surgery before pregnancy.

When does the wound fold?

Answer: at present, many hospitals use absorbable intradermal suture. The covering line is not visible on the wound surface, and the stitches do not need to be removed.

How long should I wear the brace?

Answer: generally speaking, if there is no abnormality after 3 months of postoperative wear of the brace, you can not wear it.

Does the metal stent that the operation places need to be taken out later?

A: because the stent is titanium alloy and doesn't interact with its own tissues, it doesn't cause any adverse reactions in the body, so it can be removed for life. Even if the stent is removed for some reason, the corrected ridge will not be bent by the removal of the stent, because the fused granular bone maintains the spine

How long does it take to return to the hospital?

Answer: general 3 months after the operation, 1 year, 2 years each take a film to let the doctor see. If it is inconvenient for patients in other provinces, they can send the film after shooting locally, or send it with WeChat or qq.

Expert introduction

sharp pain in lower spine

Wang yuDoctor of orthopedics, Peking University (2008). Doctor of spinal surgery, Aarhus university, Denmark (2012). 200cases of spinal deformity such as scoliosis, especially good at navigation minimally invasive orthopedics. As the first author, 18 sci papers have been published in international journals, 8 of which have been published in authoritative journals in the field, including spine and spine j

Good at: minimally invasive surgery for scoliosis with osteotomy for kyphosis

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bottom of my back hurts – The cure method of backache, backache is kidney empty this is wrong.

Chronic back pain massage

Knead: take sitting posture, hands and fingers together, respectively on the left and right after lumbar, palm to the inside, up and down slowly knead, until fever.

Roll: two hands make a fist, put the waist to roll around, massage, bottom up, top down, repeatedly. The head can be tilted forward and backward.

Push: after two hands give off heat, overlap is put in lumbar center, push rub from on down 30-50 times, to local generation gives off heat feeling.

Pressure: hands akimai, thumb respectively on the waist, squeeze, and rotation knead press, clockwise first, counterclockwise each 36 turns.

Pinch: sit with your feet stretched out in front of you, or bend your knees, or sit upright. Hold and lift the waist muscles 15 to 20 times.

Knock: two hands clenched fist, two boxers heart outward, gently knock the waist to not cause pain, right and left at the same time, each knock 30 times.

Grasp: put both hands on the hips, thumb in front, press on the waist side without moving, and rub the other four fingers from both sides of the lumbar vertebra with the finger belly outwards, and grasp the tail from the waist and eye at the same time with both hands, each 36 times.

Shake: put your hands on the waist, press the palm root against the waist eye, and shake your palms up and down rapidly for 15-20 times.

Press: take the sitting position and press the fingertips of the left or right hand to knead the acupuncture point for 1-2 minutes.

Point: take the sitting position, with the fingertips of two hands respectively point on the two legs wei zhong point (after the knee), point by 1-2 minutes, until the pressed part appeared acid, numbness, swelling feeling.

back pain lower back pain

Of course, if you have the honor to meet a Chinese acupuncture or bone-setting massage master these are not called problems

Conservative treatment for backache

1. Avoid overwork and correct poor posture.

2. You can rest in bed when you have severe pain, or use the apron brake or a wide belt to protect you. At work, you can use the apron to reduce the tension of psoas muscle.

Acupuncture and traditional Chinese medicine: acupuncture cupping has certain effect to relieve pain. Traditional Chinese medicine is mainly focused on removing evil and strengthening the body

Prevention: three separate treatment seven separate raise!!!

Strengthen the lumbar back muscle exercises to promote the circulation of qi and blood and strengthen the muscles of the waist. Lie down on your face with your hands on your head and fix the lower limbs.

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lumbar spine – The conservative treatment of lumbar disc herniation, guarantee you understand at a glance

Stay in bed for 3-7 days, depending on your level of pain. The principle is that in bed can be flexible turn, no obvious pain, can try to maintain the upright position under the protection of the apron, just restored to the upright, the time should not be too long, from 30 minutes, gradually lengthen, midway if feel pain aggravation, restore lying position at any time. An apron is a supplement to bed rest, not a substitute for it. After the restoration of upright, can wear aprons for another 5-7 days.

Second, symptomatic pain relief

Generally speaking, the pain degree of lumbar disc herniation is more severe, patients can not insist on work and sit for a long time. When lying down is still very painful, affecting sleep, you need to use painkillers. Painkillers are mainly first-line non-steroidal drugs, such as ibuprofen sustained-release capsules and diclofenac sodium controlled-release tablets.

When first-line pain relievers do not meet treatment needs, upgrade to second-line and third-line pain relievers. Second or third line analgesic drugs are all specialist drugs and must be used under the advice and supervision of specialist doctors.

lumbar spine

(pictures from the Internet, for reference only)

Still can cooperate to use the traditional Chinese medicine of huoxue acerbic kind, auxiliary acerbic, can rise to reduce the dosage of nonsteroidal painkiller and gastrointestinal tract side effect. In the event of gastrointestinal side effects or existing diseases such as gastric ulcer gastritis, painkillers that do not irritate the gastric mucosa, such as celecoxib, should be used. Use time about a week.

Repair nerves

Lumbar disc herniation, can compress stimulation nerve more, bring about radiative ache to lower limbs. To protect and repair nerves, patients can use oral and injectable forms of vitamin b12. The preferred oral dosage form is adequate for most patients.

If, lower extremity radiation pain is more serious may use the injection dosage form. But consider whether it contradicts bed rest. Lumbago patients, mainly in bed. For patients with leg pain predominance, the type of injection using vitamin b12 can be considered as a primary factor.

Four, waist muscle exercise

Is mainly refers to the rear of the spine of lumbar muscles, it also make stretch (back) after spinal muscle, exercise, the prone position, both hands to the sides, legs straight, head back, forcibly push hands after stretch at the same time, the maximum position slightly stick to 3 seconds, according to individual strength can take into consideration the increase or decrease in time, and then a slow recovery in situ, such as time, require up to 30 times a day, physical strength can reach 60 times. The action speed should be slow, the range should be as large as possible; Inhale as you lift, exhale as you recover.

lumbar spine

Remember: lumbar muscle muscle strength exercises the method that strengthens spinal column stability, not be the measure that treats lumbago, when lumbago cannot practice, wait for lumbago to recover to begin again, the proposal insists for a long time, the longer the effect is better. After two months, add 30 sit-ups a day to strengthen the muscles in front of your spine.

lumbar spine

Above a few points, the friend of backache can use appropriately, but everybody specific case cannot be identical after all, when you are not sure oneself, can seek advice on the net to me, or outpatient service seeks advice.

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lumbar spine – Lumbar disc herniation patients have what need to pay attention to

1. Pay attention to your diet

Vitamin e has the effect of dilating blood vessels, promoting blood circulation and eliminating muscle tension, as well as relieving painful symptoms of lumbar disc herniation. The food that contains vitamin e much in daily life has eel, soybean, peanut, sesame, almond to wait. Protein is an indispensable nutrient for the formation of muscles and ligaments. The food that contains protein much in daily life has pork, chicken, beef, liver, fish, egg, legume and bean products to wait.

2. Avoid prolonged fixation

To be engaged in the person of sitting job for a long time, cause lumbar fatigue easily. Office gens can take out the time of a few minutes in busy working time, stand up below activity, twist twist waist, do stretch motion, alleviate next lumbar muscle. At present, the number of private cars in China is increasing, car owners should constantly adjust their sitting posture while driving, so that they are in a comfortable state, especially the back of the chair to resist their waist, so that the waist muscle support, blood circulation around the body.

3, timely activities waist

Attention should be paid to the strength exercise of lumbar muscles and abdominal muscles, lumbar, abdominal muscle strength, the stability of the lumbar spine is good, can play a role in protecting the lumbar spine, slow down the process of spinal degeneration. At the same time with the loose arm, waist, pitching and other activities, to achieve a strong waist fitness role.

4, waist force to be correct

In moving, lifting heavy objects, should be two feet as wide as shoulder, knees, abdominal muscle force, and then move the object. At this point the thigh and calf muscles at the same time, the distribution of the waist force. If in knee joint unbend state, take weight from the ground, the pressure that the waist bears can increase 40%, extremely easy injury lumbar ligament, muscle and intervertebral disc. Reason cannot bend over when carrying objects, and answer bend one's knees, want to maintain the curve when lumbar normal upright position, avoid force to be concentrated in lumbar. If the object is too heavy, do not force it.

The above is about lumbar disc herniation love to introduce some nursing knowledge, is really worth our patients to learn and reference, this disease will cause very serious consequences due to improper treatment, so we must not neglect, especially in life to pay more attention to the diet.

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lumbar spine – Does lumbar disc herniation need repose rest or strengthen exercise?

In fact, when the lumbar disc has not been herniated, this time the pressure inside the lumbar disc is very high, often caused by discogenic backache.

Tend not to cause your attention, this time a long further aggravating, chronic strain of lumbar intervertebral disc nucleus pulposus tissue inside, under the action of external force, breakthrough wrapped around its fiber ring, step by step to adjacent spinal nerve root stimulation or oppression, resulting in a lower back pain, leg pain leg symptoms such as hemp, this time is the lumbar disc prolapse.

At this point, many people will ask, lumbar disc herniation is the need to rest or more exercise?

In general, normal rest is required, especially in the acute period of lumbar disc herniation, that is, when the lumbar spine is very painful, should be bed rest, preferably complete bed rest for 1 week, and a hard (not bare) bed.

Why? Lumbar disc herniation, mainly in physiological and pathological neuropathologic compression, edema, inflammation, if at this time the more activity, more exercise, edema can not be eliminated, inflammation can not be relieved, leading to symptoms will be more and more serious. Therefore, acute lumbar disc herniation, rest, is one of the best recovery.

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After the acute phase, rehabilitation of the lumbar spine is necessary. Activities such as swimming, backward kicking, walking or lumbar spine exercises may be helpful.

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